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RE: How Do You Make Money With Hive? Part 1

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The most depressing experience for me was taking part in writing contests. Competing worldwide against writers that had enough time to read and write made it impossible to make a lucrative side gig out of it, not to mention the impossibility to find out how to kiss the founders' asses in a way virtually always sponsoring all those damn stupid contests, sometimes not even reading my posts in detail. So, my most successful entry was to write a very provocative post about virtual vaginas where the company's marketing team had created such an absurd and far-fetched campaign for their security device that it had been so easy for me to write this provocative master piece on their self-inflicted foundations. At the end it shocked all so much that they contacted me via linkedIn to modify my post, to shut me up the organizers of the contest even transferred the double amount of what I usually should have earned on Steem. After some time I gave up on all that pussy stuff and was invited as public speaker where my former colleagues needed someone to talk about the newest trends in blockchain, so I went through all those upcoming writing contests I missed after my devastating experiences as a contest writer to see what's going on in the field and I really liked the idea of, about their internet court system and surprisingly not having written any contest entry but building my whole talk on their efforts made me famous in the field of alternative dispute resolution and legaltech today. Being successful in supporting Kleros's community management, becoming acquainted with the team and providing support as early adopter to promote them and further speaking publicly about their business model, made me a shareholder, stakeholder and ultimately partner of the company. This coincidence resulted in further international corporate and academic talks, many contacts worldwide that booked me for podcasts and fertilized my main business as a consultant with the fueling of my entrepreneurial ecosystem @sciencevienna with many many more collaborations and high paying clients for my service packages.


Cool comment ! Nice it well for you, but yeah it's super hard, the whale play their shenigans, self voting, swarm votes etc... but at least there is yet no censorship...

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I think this is what they always mean by "find your niche". Too many risks, either one is employed and tries to develop very slowly some small side gigs or one can focus entirely on one's own brand with insurmountable risks. Was not the first time I was close to the streets, this is what they also might call "street smartness". About safety nets nobody is talking or tell shitty things like: "I try to remain in control of all my projects."

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