Is Crypto a Good Hedge? | How to get 6% on Your Bitcoin!

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This is the last part of my three part series on what I think is important to consider in this market. You can check my last two posts for the first two parts! There's so much going on in the crypto space, but I tried to keep it simple in this video.

1:00 Thoughts on current BTC price
2:08 What's the BTC Halving?
2:55 How you can think of BTC as a growth and dividend stock with BlockFi
3:25 What price point should I buy BTC at?
4:57 Why I think it's good to own some crypto in a portfolio
5:54 What is BlockFi?
6:07 What is a Stablecoin and how they can give an 8% return
7:44 Where can Bitcoin be stored?
8:20 More on BTC Halving
9:20 Why I'm Bullish Long-Term on Crypto

Get 6% APY on Your Bitcoin and 8% on USDC, Pax, & GUSD

I know there are more experienced people here on Hive, but here I'm trying to talk to the crowd that isn't as aware of the crypto space. I decided to take this angle trying to show utility of BTC and showing how you can gain a "dividend" just by holding.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions. I do not offer any investment advice. Do your own research.

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Woah this is spooky.

I just signed up for Blockfi earlier today and deposited some BTC for the APY. It's a really well-created service, so far so good.

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I've been following it since it came out a little over a year ago. So far so good!

Awesome. This is probably a dumb question but the stable coins have no inflation built into them then?

How it supposed to work for coins like USDC and GUSD is you give the exchange one dollar and they give you one USDC or GUSD. It's created 1 for 1. So the total supply will increase as more people use it, but it's not inflation. DAI is much more complex because it is decentralized.