Should I Own All Stocks? | The Importance of Portfolio Diversification!

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This is part two of my three part serious on what is important to consider in this market. You should watch part 1 before coming here to get the complete picture.

Next video will be all about crypto and how I see it fitting into portfolios. There are lots of rabbit holes I could into in each of these videos, but I tried to keep it general enough to keep the video around 10 minutes. If you want to see one of these topics discussed in more detail let me know!

0:45 Thoughts on a 100% stock portfolio
2:20 Reasons for future stagnation in stocks
3:10 How does this relate to portfolio diversification?
3:20 The importance of Gold
4:10 We don't need hyperinflation for major impact
4:35 What commodities do in your portfolio
5:00 Thoughts on bonds
6:20 Looking at the Dragon Portfolio
(Two notes I want to add is that I accidentally said 18% equity linked instead of 24% and he also mentioned he back-tested commodity trend, but other trends should also work with this strategy).
8:50 Why we might have deflation
9:00 The inflationary scenario
10:25 Thoughts on gold prices
11:15 Putting all these thoughts together
12:10 Adding stablecoin to a portfolio?
12:45 Gaining 4% - 8.5% on your crypto - I will get more into this my next video, but if you want to check out right away click here

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions. I do not offer any investment advice. Do your own research.

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