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Our eyes do not just open once following our birth. It seems as though, in my life, they open anew each time I learn something new. The same concept applies now, in my adulthood, concerning finances. I knew that I was supposed to keep the books balanced to have enough money to move onward in my life. What I wasn't, or couldn't allow myself, to be familiar with was the concept that I could take matters into my own hands outside of the status quo.

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Welcome fellow readers to our second installment in LeoFinances. In our previous article, How have Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted my Personal Finance?, I talked about my entry into the blockchain and what it's done for me at a personal level.

There's no escaping the feeling that I don't know what I'm doing concerning crypto finances, let alone LeoFinances. Is there no escape? I'm not so sure anymore. I started this journey before December 2020 with no clue. I start this week's journey by understanding some connections do exist between finances and my own livelihood.

Occupational Radiation Exposure (OCE)

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires U.S. industries to report injuries, illnesses, or fatalities as they occur and at regular intervals. Whether or not anything goes wrong, they want to know about it.

Similarly, agencies like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Institute for Nuclear Power Operations, and many others require nuclear power plants to provide routine and emergency data regarding radiation exposure for review and analysis. Part of the information they receive is what I generate.

Maximum Gain, Minimum Investment

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I'm Just an Analyst - Radiation Health

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As an engineer, my work requires that I review any maintenance activity within the nuclear power plant's radiologically controlled areas (RCA). RCAs are those locations where radiation levels are measurably higher than the background, natural, readings. Regulatory requirements stipulate that I determine what radiation exposure the maintenance will accumulate in any area before work commences.

The objective of my work review is that I estimate that exposure with high accuracy. Ideally, I want to estimate the exact radiation dose any maintenance activity will accumulate. If possible, I am also to implement behavior, or engineering controls, to manage radiation exposure.

For example, let's say a job whose estimated radiation exposure following completion is 0.001 Sv (100 mRem). I involve myself in the planning process to determine if the worker positions are adequate and make recommendations to minimize exposure while not hindering the work. If needed, I would also design a shielding application to reduce exposure rates enough to allow work to proceed unhindered. For out-of-the-box solution designs, I would convene with a group of stakeholders to determine, or create, the best possible approach.

Data Trending

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I used project management practices (bottom-up, top-down) and historical tracking to develop projected radiation exposures for large activities like refueling periods. The tools I used ranged from Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI, and even Tableau to display the forecasted exposure against actual data. I set things up to get second-by-second updates automatically sent to various emails to keep people up to date. Additionally, I set up monitoring reports to various workgroups so they could monitor their own activity.

I would monitor station performance by the hour, day, week and narrow it down to any level needed to determine how a job would perform. As needed, I will combine time-views for more specific analyses.

At work, I seek the maximum radiation savings for the minimum amount of interference posed by controls I implement. Similarly, investing in crypto would have me plan to invest the minimum amount of currency for the maximum amount of gain—both areas performing analyses as necessary to reduce the probability of failure by the maximum degree.

Becoming an Analyst - LeoFinancing

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Over the last two weeks, I've had the privilege of reviewing LeoFinance articles, opinions, and debates. I've realized that financing appears so similar to what I do at work. Instead of monitoring radiation exposure, here, I'm monitoring financial data, trends, and projections. I was taken aback by the similarities between these two fields.

So, perhaps, my weakness then is an understanding of Leo's currency itself. It's something I will spend the next couple of weeks evaluating. One thing I don't fail to understand, however, is the foundation of any one thing.

LeoFinancing appears to be a very stable platform. Unsurprisingly, this group has a solid plan to slowly and carefully bring itself into the mainstream cryptocurrency market. Everyone is betting on themselves and each other. The foundation is strong on this platform.

Plunge? Or Controlled Dive?

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I'm no longer certain this is a plunge anymore. I would imagine plunges to be more chaotic. If anything, my experiences over the last couple of weeks are more of a controlled dive with the resources made available by LeoFinances to learn more.

In Summary

There's a lot of information to learn, but fortunately, the resources available from @LeoFinance and @Leopedia are making things less daunting for me. I am looking forward to the weeks to come and the additional funding I'll be investing in this platform. I don't have much, but it's a start.

In Closing

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Thanks again, fellow readers, for following me along on this HIVE journey. I look forward to learning, blogging, and writing to every one of you.

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