Tesla (TSLA) Blasts off Like a SpaceX Rocket Past $500

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Tesla stock has been moving like a rocket since bottoming out back in June. It will be interesting to see what happens when they announce earnings in a couple weeks.

Buy the rumor, Sell the News

I would have to think if the stock remains strong over the next couple weeks that earnings will be a time to take profit. Price has gone a bit parabolic the past week and there is always a triggering event for profit taking, that could be it.

Full disclosure: I own some TSLA in my IRA account and had sold some around $450 thinking things were getting a bit overstretched. Obviously I'd like to have that back, but they were shares I had picked up just below $200 so it is hard not to sell when doubling your money in roughly six months.

I'll be keeping an eye out for where the stock is a day or two before the earnings announcement on Jan 29th.

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Good stuff, do you still hold Starbucks as well?

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Yeah, still have my starbucks.

there is no alternative of OIL and GAS

Yeah, even though it wasn't the peak, you still couldn't argue with selling at $450. That kind of turnaround doesn't come often.

Are there any other stocks that have surprised you lately?

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The entire stock market has surprised me....LOL. Still pushing ever higher even after being up HUGE in Q4.

Tesla the bitcoin of the 2020's