ScaredyCatGuide's Weekly Money & Crypto Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation Initiative

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Curation Love for the Money and Cryptocurrency tags courtesy of @msp-curation

@minnowsupport project has tasked me with finding undervalued content in the money/crypto tags to curate from the MSP-Curation account.

This Week's Posts:

@cryptosimplify talks dollar cost averaging with investments:

@crrdlx talks about the potential of NFTs and what the hell should we do with it:

@ronnie10 compares atomic wallet vs. exodus wallet:

@knowhow92 asks whether you will sell your dtube coins of hold:

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MSP Curation brought to you by the @minnowsupport project

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Thanks for the mention :D

I am ver happy for someone like my posts :D

Wow, I haven't checked Hive in a week or so (been on-the-road)...what a nice surprise to see a mention. Thank you!