ScaredyCatGuide's Weekly Money & Crypto Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation Initiative

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Curation Love for the Money and Cryptocurrency tags courtesy of @msp-curation

@minnowsupport project has tasked me with finding undervalued content in the money/crypto tags to curate from the MSP-Curation account.

This Week's Posts:

@erikah talks about why buying eth with btc was a good idea:

@rob23 jumps into safemoon coin:

@monsterjamgold shares an ancient coin:

@bernieflow talks about quantitative easing:

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MSP Curation brought to you by the @minnowsupport project

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Well done, it's great to see these authors receiving some recognition for their work, I will check out each one

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Awesome stuff! Well done

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Thanks very much for the support and congratulations everyone!

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Nice group of posts there this week. I dove into safemoon a little bit, but I think I bought at the ATH, so it hasn't been that great of a snag for me!

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