ScaredyCatGuide's Weekly Money & Crypto Curation // Minnow Support Project Community Curation Initiative

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Curation Love for the Money and Cryptocurrency tags courtesy of @msp-curation

@minnowsupport project has tasked me with finding undervalued content in the money/crypto tags to curate from the MSP-Curation account.

This Week's Posts:

@erarium has a curation post that is curated in this post, double your curating, double your fun people:

@taseli celebrates their 1st week on HIVE/LEO:

@rsntpl discusses doge coin's market cap:

@goodimportance talks about the underutilization of cryptos in developing countries:

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MSP Curation brought to you by the @minnowsupport project

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Dang it, once again I keep forgetting to use the money and crypto tags. I am going to have to make a note of that. I think you already support me anyway, so no big deal, but still I should throw those in there.

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