RUNE Reversal or Buyable Pullback?

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Ok, let's be serious with the title. Buyable pullback is my opinion, but you have to cover all bases.

The 10 Day MA is in play!


The moving average gauge....

In my last RUNE post I spoke the 10 day moving average and how I use it as a short-term overbought/oversold indicator and even use it for entry points.

Well, it seems we are getting a pullback to it. Price hasn't touched the average, though it came close, and with the new daily candle just started a couple hours ago the MA will be sitting right where it is for a while.

That is one hell of a doji candle we saw at the top as price spiked near 13 so what we are watching is if this is finally a reversal point for RUNE or just another buyable pullback.

Given the past few months of price action I need to give buyable pullback the benefit of the doubt. However, with each one of these I become less and less aggressive.

Price is still in great shape and anything above 10.35 is considered bullish still on the daily chart.

That level would touch the prior top made before the most recent high and touch the 10 day MA. Obviously we can't expect things to work out that perfectly, but to touch that level and reverse would be awesome.

I added a little at 10.54 and 10.71 (after barely any of my 10.54 order for filled) and have an order at 10.35.

As long as price stays above $9 I will hold those, which are trading positions more so. My point of view, my opinion.

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I totally suck at investment. I dumped rune for CUB at $5 now look at it!

Although Im a CUBeliever and with the white paper or announcement can't remember where I read it that CUB will be accessing Rune there is a very bright future a head!

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Nah, I have 90% less RUNE cus I plowed it all into Cubdefi as well.

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Hahaha yup but future returns will be good I think :) I've been watching a few other BSC tokens and ERC20 tokens which are similar to CUB I.e. Ankor that has both ERC20 and BSC tokens and did well once listed. Jumping from 1c to 20c (AUD)

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Well Rune is in great shape and I might buy some close to your levels for LT purpose and just in case their whole liquidity Black hole theory works 😉.

Thank you 🙏 for sharing

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Yes, agreed. Wish I had more for LT purpose as well.

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It's so frustrating seeing RUNE get to where it is, knowing I could have bought it at $0.6 and that many posts about it on HIVE. If I get lucky, my holdings will catch up. If not, lesson learned for the next bull cycle. RUNE and AVA are two of the best performers that have been shilled on Leofinance.

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