Fun With Random Defi BSC Coins - Trading Alpaca

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Occasional it is fun to take some trading shots with random coins. A week ago I somehow stumbled into ALPACA, which is one of the popular coins on pancakeswap.

Moonshot in progress???


As you can see this coins has quite the adventure in its short history. There was an initial moonshot the first week after launching and then like just about every single defi related coin it had the dump into an eventual bottoming pattern.

Rise from the ashes!

And then the uptick began and volume kicked up. I wish I had seen it sooner as I get in at around 1.80, which is still nice relative to where it is now.

As for speculating on any technical analysis on this thing, well the current price is actually the only thing worth noting because the was a demand zone in the first 3 days of trading.

Outside of that, there really isn't much to discuss in terms of charting.

Get in low and YOLO is a big part of what this trade is. We shall see what happens.

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Do you see this same pattern playing out on the CUB chart?

CUB/USD Daily:

Definitely interested in hearing your opinion on what's happening here and whether you see things playing out like on Alpaca above.

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Now that's an interesting question!

I think we're now waiting on some new people outside of the Hive ecosystem to start giving a toss to soak up all the LEO/ Cub us Hiveans are now offloading!

I think it's really just a matter of luck which DEFI token pumps next.

Yep, gotta get outside the Hive echo chamber.

Don't even get me started... haha

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Leo is FAR WORSE for that than Hive, at least people disagree with each other on Hive. Leo is just 'look how amazing this place is' - so great everyone's now selling.

Not everyone ;)

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I played around with Panther for a bit. They were giving out like 5000% APR for a while there. It was pretty amazing. It didn't last though. I think I got out a bit too late, but oh well.

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I bought Alpaca right when it was released...haha, bad call. It was around 6$ then. But glad to see it climbing the charts. But I got in low on others. Win some and lose some! lol