Binance Price Breaks to New Highs After Completing W Pattern

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Binance price consolidated for several weeks after having a monster run in March and early April.

Part of that consolidation provided a classic W pattern. Many people look at this pattern when seeking bottoms, but there is no reason it can't come into play at highs.

Let me get a W!


New highs...

You can see on the chart my loosely drawn W pattern. With the two pivot lows and the lower prior high.

When that last high was taken out that completed the pattern and along with that we also got a new all time closing high (assuming there isn't a sell off in the next 2 hours). The intraday high is still being flirted with.

The reason the W pattern is worth pointing out us because of the two pivot lows, which is basically a support point that is then tested and validated on the second occasion.

Looking ahead...

With this candle price is now looking to establish above the $600 level, should be interesting to see what price does after this candle closes above.

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Man, this thing is a BEAST.

I've been putting all my recent LEO rewards into the BNB-bLEO LP and each time I try to scratch up the offsetting BNB, it just gets harder haha.

Just relax for a sec BNB haha.

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Haha, true. Either way, smart move doing that of late. Wish I'd have, added to that pool just a couple times this month.

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Nice chart.
BNB appears on its way to new ATH and beyond. If I could invest in everything, I would definitely de stacking it.

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BNB soon at 950$ colleague!

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to 1000$ or not

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BNB has incredible potential, everything that is built under the Binance network has very good fundamentals. I think we will see maybe small corrections in the price, but I see BNB at $1000 very soon, I don't know how long it will take but it will surely get there.

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Remember when CUB first launched and it was like $200-$300 lol Will we be looking at this $500-$600 range 2 months from now and being like remember when :)

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800$ coming soon

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