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Curation Love for the Money and Cryptocurrency tags courtesy of @msp-curation

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@minnowsupport project has tasked me with finding undervalued content in the money/crypto tags to curate from the MSP-Curation account.

This Week's Posts:

@forexbrokr takes a look at the eur-gbp price action:

@dropthatcode analyzes mining stocks as a way to own precious metals:

@wilkinshui takes a look at oil prices:

@rollandthomas reviews Carl Ichan's outlook on commercial mortgages:

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Cheers mate!

I actually just finished watching the round table you did with the other LeoFinance lads.

The supply/demand chat you were having with @rollandthomas was excellent.

Good content.

Thanks mate! We are doing another this weekend. Khal will post the time in LEO discord chat, but there will be a recording too after the fact!