The crumbling economy - COVID after effects

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How are you faring?

That is the question we were asked when we visited a shoe shop recently. The shoe shop owner went on to describe his pathetic situation about little to no sales on some days. He said that the covid situation had caused all this and his goods consisting of shoes, sandals, umbrellas, bags remained unsold. The majority of his customers included school-going children. Schools remain closed and the sales went down.


Madam, will you buy more?

We went to buy a few clothes after about staying indoors for six months or so. Our state was in complete lockdown and we wouldn't have been able to go out anyway.
When we entered the clothes shop, there were only a few employees. What had once been a busy shop now wore a deserted look. The salespeople were too attentive asking us to buy this and that which kind of seemed both irritating and saddening at the same time.
I asked about the absence of customers and the ladies replied that almost everyone was afraid and did not bother to buy new clothes at all.
They looked very sad because they knew that if the situation continued, the shop would close and they would be jobless.

Alternative jobs

Yesterday, the news reported the story of a young lady who was employed as a salesgirl but because she lost her job, she chose to work as a cleaner on a bus that operates in the city. She told the reporter that she had to feed her family and even though the job of a cleaner was not very glamourous, it still meant money for food and other expenses. It shows that people do not hesitate to try out different jobs in order to cope with the situation.

Movie industry and countless jobs

The movie industry is on the verge of shutdown. That would mean loss of jobs to countless people ranging from the spot boy to the production assistant. People may not risk contracting covid by visiting movie theaters even if it were to open.

A lesson to learn - small scale

People can save themselves and their families from economic downfall by thinking out of the box and employing themselves in small scale industries. It is easy to get such an industry started and if there is enough of dedication, motivation, and will power, success will surely knock at their door.

Saving money when you are prosperous will ensure that you will be safe even when there are hard times later on. - Based on a saying in Malayalam.

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There were a lots of job loss here too, some of them have started there own business and they also are inspiring others to start some,

yes, starting own business however small is a good idea

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