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Have you ever thought of promoting Hive and other tokens associated with it? or was it only about you and your earnings and how much you get from these?

The sad truth is many are still like - what's in it for me? They do not bother to interact, and they do not bother to even answer a comment. Well, I too do not bother to reply to - "Nice blog" but that doesn't mean that I will be like those who only see the 'returns' thingy.


How do you go about it?

Unless we shamelessly market our blogs and the platform we are in, nobody is going to bother about us. With the attention span decreasing over time, it will be harder for people to get attention like before and one has to think hard about ways to promote blogs and the blockchain.

One single tweet from Elon Musk had thousands of people migrate to an app called Signal. That is the power of social media.

So, if we need the blockchain to be famous, we have to take pains and not just write our post and move on.

Are you willing to take it upon yourself to market?

Let this be for those who have not yet tasted the freedom of crypto

This post is not about the Richie Riches who want to make more money but it is about the normal people who will be pleasantly surprised by what they can achieve by trusting in crypto and hive is the best place to start

Do we need a celebrity to market the blockchain?

Celebrities are only bothered about themselves and so they are not the right ones to discuss the blockchain. It is people like you and me who have had the experience and are fit to talk about it because we know what we are saying and talking about unlike those who read out from a paper.

How to go about it?

  • write posts about the blockchain
  • share it on social media
  • share it with friends and family
  • explain and initiate your dear ones
  • spread the word and let the awareness dawn

For a start, please share this blog so that others too can think about what I said? It is free and does not cost to share.

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I agree with you, the platform allows us to monetize our content and if we promote it we can grow as a community and boost the technology of this platform, I particularly published some articles about hive I think it has a lot of potential

I guess people underrate the power of network effects, sure we can't all be Elon, but the network of each of us combined goes a long way. I guess it all ripples down to the understanding of this space, ownership, if we have an ownership mindset, then we might have more people aggressively marketing the platform without even knowing it. The honus is on us to do our bits to get this place out there, not on one central authority, because the success of the platform is everyone's success. I do my bits on twitter, hopefully its generates some ripple effects that will in turn be useful in converting people outside the system to users.

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