How dear is your privacy to you?

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Are things really private or is it just an illusion that we are safe if we do not use any phones or social media apps for that matter?

People who continue to use Android phones and remove social apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook are not exactly wise because they do not realize that they are anyways sharing their information to google whatever they do or wherever they go.

Nowadays, phones have irremovable batteries which are not only risky because we will not be able to change a bulging battery and thus avoid explosion(it does sometimes explode) but we cannot help but change our phones every once or two years, unlike those Nokia phones which still work.

Coming back to social media, many have talked about sharing information online and how it could affect your privacy and safety.

When once it was a fashion to share selfies and gain those likes and comments, people now are wary of doing so because over time they realized that it was not just about social acceptance after all.

For example, I was talking over dinner about making rice crispies(my phone was beside me, on the table), and the next day, I saw a video about rice crispies on youtube as a recommendation. That actually creeped me out, to be honest.

If you are using an android phone, what is the point in deleting social media apps and trying out new ones?

Did you know that even if you switched off your phone, it still records your movements and shares it after getting connected to the internet, later on?

When you share your photos, Meta data - EXIF data that is stored along with the picture is shared too and it can give off information like your location and so on

Think twice about sharing those photos online if you do not want to share your location or else use tools to remove such data.

I agree that we do not have many options because we are all addicted to using phones and the internet but we can be safer by not disclosing vital information.

How private am I?
I as an Indian have an aadhaar card that has all my details and it is linked to the bank. There you are. The aadhar is also linked to my phone. So, whatever I do and any transaction that I make is recorded, right? Not on a decentralized platform, though. Think about it.

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When I reached on LeoFinance and HIVE Blockchain, there become less to use Facebook.

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Yes, to a large extent I ignored other social media apps like fb and whatsapp

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