Cyber bullying and a new class of money makers

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There is a new class of so-called money makers who live off others. How?

It can be called cyberbullying and to top it all, these bullies make money by slandering celebrities on youtube just to get the click and reap views and therefore money.

Where did this happen?

In the state of Kerala, India.

Well, I don't have fear of calling names out but I will refrain from it because then I will also be like them, pointing out, right?

What actually happened?

Kerala is a state with the highest literacy rate. This can also have bad side effects though. Some people who are totally jobless switch on their gadgets and scour social media profiles of celebrities. With a few connections here and there, they start to collect news and gossips about these souls and prepare youtube videos with click-bait titles so as to attract the common public.

People are generally attracted to gossip and slander and therefore these channels get thousands of subscribers. After getting the payment from Youtube, they are really addicted and from then on, devote themselves entirely to publish stories hook or by crook. Some even purposely create slander and try to cause sensations.


A few days ago, the usual two well-known youtube vloggers began their day by posting gossip about a well-known artist in the Malayalam film industry. The women in this industry had already formed an association against abuse and so, they tried to go to this vlogger's house and talk sense to him.

He welcomed them but did not treat them well and instead tried to verbally abuse them. They were provoked and the ladies poured black oil on him and warned him never to repeat it.

Unfortunately, the police have taken the case against the ladies for taking the law into their hands and not against the bully.


What is shocking is that youtube authorities are doing nothing against such channels and instead of picking such types of people, they are more bothered about people who speak of crypto.
Did you know that people who have money power have a set of cyber goons to back them up in this tiny state of Kerala?

I am sure such people do not realize that soon the money from such guys is going to be over what with COVID and non-release of movies. They better start searching for other jobs too.

Cybercrime is a serious issue.

What should people do to be safe:

  • People should avoid posting personal photographs on social media
  • increase security and prevent abuse
  • do not make friendships with strangers
  • be wary of offers from unknown persons or little known contacts
  • never reveal your place of stay
  • never reveal your personal phone number
  • never talk loose
  • try not to mix personal and professional
  • have a good friend or family member to talk with or ask advice
  • tell others if someone tries to blackmail or bully you

Abuse is a reality and we should understand that this is the cyber age and we must be on alert mode when dealing with the public especially if tagged with the celebrity status.

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