Amazon and Flipkart Festive Sales 2020 - Tips to shop online

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The festival of Navrathri is going on in India and people in almost all states are celebrating it albeit in low profile. Online shopping has increased and instead of visiting crowded malls or supermarkets, people are turning to sites like Amazon and Flipkart to buy things.

The metro cities also have a pantry to shop for groceries which makes it really easier and does not require one to step outside the house even.

Amazon and Flipkart have announced great sales and there are lots of offers on products ranging from laptops to bedsheets and whatnot. You name it, they have it.

Tips to be careful while shopping online

  1. Make a list of products that you actually need and not fancy
  2. Search for the product based on the review, price, and seller feedback
  3. Read about how the product has fared over a period of time and whether it had complaints and so on
  4. Make sure most of the customers were satisfied and if so, the seller feedback was good or not
  5. Select the extended guarantee if it ensures that you get a good deal
  6. Search for the same product in another shopping portal and if it is less, go with it provided it is from a verified seller
  7. If you are unsure about paying beforehand, always choose COD or cash on delivery, especially if it is a costly item
  8. Be double sure about the address to which the product is ordered and do not forget to add your contact number
  9. Never share your account details with anybody else

I hope the above tips are useful when shopping online.

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