Wise Token, Smart Way To Earn

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In just few hour ago Wise reserved token was released and claim followed as the token was listed on Uniswap.

What is Wise Token?
This is a unique staking platform that purchased an unprecedented 96% of presale capital to form an instant, massive, and unremovable market on Uniswap.org. It's strange to see a project with no any admin key to the treasury as for Wise, its audited, complete, functional, and free of any admin keys, or anything threatening its decentralization! Wise slogan is Stake WISE to earn more ETH.

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Wise Core Usecase

The core usecase of Wise is Staking. In economics, we understand that Bond is known for a fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower, most time the borrower can be a corporate bodies or government. In the case of Wise, it is similar to above scenario of Bond as Wise allows staker (loaner) earns relatively high interest, but the difference between other staking platform and Wise staking platform is, allowance to withdraw your interest anytime you want.

Yes, Wise is similar to bonds but its superior is the sense that, its gives the staker complete flexibility in choosing exactly when to withdraw their interest during the life of the stake. You can withdraw interest daily, irregularly, wait until maturity, or whatever you like!
Due to law and regulations on traditional finance, trusting banks and governments this time has reduced, thanks to decentralization that brought in lower risk and trustless with higher return in which Wise stakers will definitely enjoy, even if there are records of bonds failure in your environment, Wise is here with immutable code.

This project was introduced to my followers two months ago and those invested then now have 3X on there investment

There are a lot to learn about this project.
Check out the Teal paper
Contract Address: 0x66a0f676479cee1d7373f3dc2e2952778bff5bd6
Website: https://wisetoken.net

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