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RE: LeoFinance community Donation Drive - Check for more details

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my cup runneth empty - dammit

I'm trying to save up to get me a new machine - but you're right !

Even though I'm waiting for disability and I'm broke AF, I still have running hot water and I have plenty to eat.

The new ProofOfBRain tribe/token is kicking ass !!! I got in early - so went and dumped some to some and then the 25 $hive to lib-funding.

Tell the winner they got lucky because I'm too damn busy to worry about getting a new dev machine this week LOL

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I got your donation, I've updated the donation table in the post. 25 HIVE is plenty my friend, if everyone gave 25 HIVE, we'd be laughing.

Thank you for your support. What's a dev machine out of interest?

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i've been trying to learn 3d stuff lately and my laptop has garbage video card - and it's old and overheats if i play anything tougher than minecraft LOL

i've been putzing around learning game dev / ecs in javascript

I need a decent desktop with beefy vid card to learn the 3d stuff

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