Building the Future with Crypto


Cryptocurrencies have been long sought-after and debated, but finally people are beginning to realize the true benefits that they already have and potentially could have for the future of finance. We aren't living in a realm where die-hard traders only reap the profits and full benefits of crypto. Many major businesses are jumping on the bandwagon now and investing in crypto themselves, while others sit back and watch in awe at new earnings reports for said companies.

In this article, I will be discussing three ways that crypto is changing/can change the future of finance around the world! We always hear that crypto can change the world! But what does that actually mean? Let's take a look!

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More Power to Entrepreneurs

Given that there are now multiple ways to generate revenue via crypto exchanging, there's no better time than now to begin your own start-up! You are now able to receive payments in other currencies, without having to worry about currency exchanges in every other country. Utilizing your crypto wallet, you can easily exchange these cryptos for fiat currency to pay your bills and maintain upkeep... unless your vendors are staying with the times and accepting crypto as payment already! It's becoming more and more clear that traditional financial institutions can't hold the fort down with managing modern financial needs across borders. Blockchain technology and crypto make this possible... and a heck of a lot easier!


Stimulating the Economy

There are multiple industries specifically built around crypto already with various crypto wallets, exchanges, foundations, etc. At the rapid growth rate of crypto becoming an everyday commodity, traders are (most likely) finding themselves with more money than they've ever had... if they made the right decisions! This brings more wealth into the local economy and business should reap the benefits. If more people have higher disposable income, it's only a matter of time before their surrounding areas flourish from it as well. Companies are slowly beginning to accept crypto as a form of payment, primarily Bitcoin. If you don't own Bitcoin, no worries... I'm sure it's only a short amount of time before companies begin accepting other forms of crypto! This will allow everyone to participate in crypto, and actually have secured funds that they personally own.


Transparency is Everything

Transparency when conducting a transaction should be a major focus when it comes to money, but sadly it falls short with our traditional methods. Since blockchain and all crypto transactions are automated by code and digitized, they are all tracked in a ledger. Not only is it all tracked, but it cannot be manipulated by any person or company. Fraud and corruption go right out the window when exchanging crypto... just make sure you are entering in the right receiving addresses! This specifically helps those in countries with government/corporate corruption and greed from having their money get lost in the process. The company and consumer can have full confidence that, once their transaction is initiated, it's final and will be completed, tracked, and logged accordingly.

I hope you enjoyed the article on my quick recap on my top three picks for how crypto is changing/can change the world around us. I am excited to watch the further growth of the crypto realm and more excited to see more companies jump on board with modern transacting. Although cryptos have been around for quite some time now, I feel like this is still just the beginning!

What is your favorite way crypto is changing the world?
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