Btc rose above $ 50,000 and reached a new high

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Btc reached a new record, and the critical level climbed above $ 50,000. In the posts I wrote this week, I wrote that it would reach $ 50,000, and as I said, it happened. If he can stay at the $ 50,000 level, $ 60,000 is not too far, my end-of-year forecast is $ 100,000.


When Btc is $ 50,000, it is recovering again, even though there is a sudden drop due to some investors wanting to sell at this record high.


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I think cryptocurrency futures contracts push bitcoin to 50k. All exchanges deployed in malta and seychelles for a good reason. Most of their transactions are fake. When smo plays future for crypto even bitcoin it is always possible that there may not be buy or sale order on the book. Then exchanges system fly through to liqudiate margins and futures. Thats why bitcoin exceeded 50k. It was on the way of fall i dont think anyone could dare to play long. Smo made mistake and shorted futures or played with margins. Coin exchanges 24 hours open despite exchanges show buy and sell orders on the book always. I guess these orders actually not exist. Play with margins turns to deadly play. .

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