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RE: Beyond the Coinstar machine: Pirate Plunder Log for the first Quarter of 2020

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I think it is amazing the quantity of Canadian coins that you found. Why didn't the machine accept them? They look like normal coins to me...


The majority of the coins come from Compass Bus Fare machines and the coins are left behind by passengers who may be in a hurry to catch their bus or train, don't gather all their entitled change from payment.
The Ticket/coin return tray is located fairly low on the machine and one would have to negotiate around a plastic flap to access the contents. Not a very ergonomically designed.
If their hands are cold they may not be able to clear all the coins in the ticket/coin return tray.
Another reason is the passenger decides it's not worth risking contracting a germ or virus just to pickup a nickel, dime, or even quarter where everyone's hands have already been. (I carry a hand sanitizer.)

I've have found normal coins that have been rejected by the Coinstar Machine.
The reason why the Machine rejects them is unknown to me since I don't know what the sorting process is used and it's difficult to find that information.
I know machines are tuned to a Country's currency profile.
It would have to be at least sorted by size and weight together.
So, our Canadian machines often reject US and foreign coins hence where I get most of my foreign coin collection.

Happy Hunting @ronaldoavelino