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RE: #fiveouncefriday: My 2020 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and GSM Buffalo Round

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"What part of your treasure will be your Permanent legacy?"
All of my treasure will be my permanent legacy because I do not intend to sell a single coin before my death. My two daughters never showed any interest about my collection, so I decided to give my whole collection to one of my grandchildren, the one that I find has any enthusiasm about numismatics. The only problem is that I don't have any grandchildren yet. So, I must live at least ten years more, to make a reasonable choice...:=)

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While the Generic silver can be liquidated for any reason, a Monster Box of Maple Leafs, either or both my kids, grand kids could use it as collateral to secure a business loan and not have to sell it.
They'll end up having my Poured silver collection.
All Constitutional is for Emergency day to day commerce.
Numismatic I can leave up to them.
Each part has it's role.

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