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RE: 3Speak: An Incredible Sink For Hive

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i do research many communities in Hive. I want to try 3speak its like youtube on blockchain and interesting to try.
I also spread Hive on other platforms but i have an initiative to spread Hive on Facebook too, because in my country Facebook is the most popular social media platform.


It is a project in the making. And we are seeing a great deal of advancement. It will take some time but will get there.

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I hope the project will be having good ways and i believe with hardwork the teams will be found a way to success. Maybe i cant help anything but i always support the teams and waiting for goodnews about this :)

That is all we can do is support the teams that are producing stuff.

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Welcome to the Hive community.

By the way, not a great idea to self promote in the comment section of other people's posts.

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Thankyou @taskmaster4450le
Ahh, i'm sorry i didnt mean doing self promote maybe little edit words in general will be better :)
Once again i'm sorry about my mistake, i'm just too enthusiast as newcomers 🙏🏻😁

No big deal and quite frankly, I am not one who cares. But others will.

Also I might suggest you take a look at if you are one who likes to talk about crypto and post about financial matters. Photography and stuff like that obviously goes through a general front end like Peakd but I think you will find the community on Leofinance to your liking.

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