A $1 MM Bitcoin Price Is Very Realistic

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The largest asset management firm on earth, Blackrock just said Bitcoin will replace...I'm more than certain we will see a $1 MM price for Bitcoin in the future.


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All that Fed liquidity has got to go somewhere. If we get a financial reset that could be the catalyst.

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Wild times are ahead...go Bitcoin.

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These people are not lightweights. A lot of people are going to join the bandwagon now.

It's certainly is a satisfying feeling to have likely bet the right horse in such a big way. All the FUD and the naysayers are going to look like fools in the near future.

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That's right baby cryptocurrency is here to stay
Bitcoin will take place ofgold in near future

We are all going to look at $20k btc like it was a steal.

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Using the simple logic of demand and supply, it's clear the Bitcoin will continue to trend higher.

Fiat money supply is unlimited. It's just based on government trust. The supply of Bitcoin is just 21 million.

Using the same logic, I am also bullish on gold and silver.

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I think it's not likely bitcoin will see $1 million or even $100k. However, the silverlining is that blockchain technology is here to stay and that will replace our monetary and banking systems. Bitcoin is a first mover and well branded. Networks like bitcoin white dwarf takes a long time before they go out.

Bitcoin is spaghetti code it's unaudited has had several inflation bugs the last almost catastrophic and caught by of all people a bitcoin cash developer who was altruistic enough to report it. It's dinosaur tech nothing is built on it. It's only used to buy altcoins so i think the utility is questionable. The consensus algorithims in a world desperately pushing for green energy i believe will be something totally different. Blockchain tech will be exciting and something to see over the next decade

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