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RE: Ways to Generate Passive Income on Hive

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Hey man would you mind sharing some more info on the Weedcash Mega Miner?


Of course I would. First, you have to be familiar with the Hive-Engine sidechain
This is where all your secondary tokens live.

A Miner Token is basically just a virtual staking node. You buy it and stake it, and it gives you a chance to "mine"/generate set amounts of the corresponding token (example: WEEDM -> WEED). The more Miner Tokens you are staking the higher the chance to generate and at a certain point you will start generating the set amount more than once each hour.

A Mega Miner is generally just a Miner that mines 4 times as fast/efficient. So one 1 WEEDMM does the work of 4 WEEDM.