Are You Buying Or Selling SIM To Grow Your City?

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How are you doing?

If you want to build and grow your virtual city on dCity, you need to invest or reinvest to buy cards. Your SIM income is not dependent on the ranking. So you will get SIM based on your building. The tax can change the SIM income.

Are You Buying Or Selling SIM To Grow Your City.PNG

If the tax rate increases, you will get less SIM each day. On the other hand, you will get more SIM if the tax decreases. We enjoyed the lowest tax before. Now the tax rate keeps increasing.

Today the tax rate is 37.4%. When the market price of SIM falls, the tax usually goes up and you will get less SIM. Let's look at the market price.

SIM Price in the market.PNG

You can see the SIM price is 0.00385 HIVE. It keeps falling. When there is selling pressure and you don't see much buying pressure, the price usually decreases. Sometimes people sell SIM not because they want to cash out.

When you buy any card in the market, you can pay with SWAP.HIVE or SIM. If someone has to pay more to buy cards with SIM, he/she usually sells SIM in the market and buy cards with SWAP.HIVE. It will push the market price further down.

I checked out a couple cards price in the market and saw you can buy cards at a low price if you buy with SIM. Of course, you can check out the market before buying any cards. If buying cards with SIM would be a good option, it will rise SIM price.

And again buying cards with SIM is a way better option now if you want to buy cards randomly. So what are you doing? Are you buying SIM or selling SIM to grow your city?

Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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There are dozens of different cards. Some are cheaper in SIM, some in SWAP.HIVE and neither is set in stone.
I think the logic you present is sound. What I am not buying is the assumption that people sell SIM to save say 10% on a 50c purchase because unless you enjoy the process itself, the time spent doing that is mostly not worth the time.

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Yes, if you enjoy the process of playing, you will be here for the long term. An announcement of the 3rd edition can change a lot of things. In the meanwhile, let's enjoy and have fun. Thank you so much @jelly13 for your feedback. I appreciate that!

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I used to buy SIM tokens via Hive-Engine, but I am now at the level where I earn around 550 SIM from DCity daily even thought the tax rate is 34%. After a few days I accumulate enough to purchase what card I need.

Buying random cards is a bad option, totally agree.

Pretty cool!
You have no control if you buy random cards. But when you buy the card from the market, you have total control.

If someone is lucky, he can get good cards buying randomly. Again, if you buy one or two cards, the chance of getting valuable cards is less.

Wish you all the best!

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I'm just buying the Apartment card to cover my citizen deficit of 351.

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You can buy apartment cards in the market at a low price. The apartment card price was way too high six months ago. Later its price kept decreasing.

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True, now is cheaper, I did buy one yesterday at ~650 SIM

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I am just buying SIM right now :) Seems like a good price to buy.

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We don't see SIM price like this every day, and it would not stay there forever. :)

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