What does it take to get yer daily Hive post auto-voted to > $10, and what are the implications?

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I'm one of the privileged few on Hive who's fortunate enough to be guaranteed a daily-post pay-out of > $10 thanks to people having put me on auto-vote.

I say daily-post pay-out because I'm fairly certain most people limit their auto-votes so they don't reward more than once a day on average, I certainly do this with most people I have on my auto-vote.

Note the irony that on this particular post, it's my second of the day (a rare occurrence) so I might get < $10 on auto-vote.

That said, this is still a very nice position to be in, and it certainly inspires me to post everyday, but it got me to wondering what does one have to do in order to get added to someone's auto-vote and get a daily pay-out of >$10?

I did a quick manual trawl of people who auto-voted me within the first 10 minutes of two of my posts going out and found the following:


  • Around 50% of my $10 dollar minimum pay-out comes from having gained whale votes:
  • Whale vote one comes from being part of @abundance.tribe, with the vote coming from the now rather unfortunately named @tribesteemup, and that being delegated to by @jamesc - an enigmatic account that rarely transacts in person. Thanks to @kennyskitchen for organising these votes for peops.
  • Regular whale vote two comes from @themarkymark and the @buildawhale account which is funded mainly by @blocktrades
  • Regular whale vote three comes from @therealwolf and @xxxxxxxx no sure how many XXXXs! - one follows the other I think, I'm not sure which.
  • Around half of my $10 pay-out comes from the above three sources, I must say it's quite nice to see a few of the top witnesses in their giving me some support, I return the favour by supporting their witnesses, deserved IMO!
  • I'd say that around $1 worth comes from people following the abundance.tribe trail, which is significant, it certainly makes me want to follow trails more! NB I also trail the abundance.tribe trail
  • Most of the rest comes from diversified accounts - I've had what I'd call 'meaningful comment interation' with at least 70% of the people who auto-vote me - from my various interests - running, splinterlands, LEO, obviously Hive!
  • I've met about 10 of the people who autovote me, most of them Brits.
  • Finally I've got '?' against around $1 worth of my autovotes, no idea who these accounts are!

So what does it take to get yer posts auto-voted to > $10

There's basically three things you need to do

  1. Get active within a community you care about - this accounts for at least a third of my Hive income, if I count LEO that's growing rapidly. Interact with people - drop in comments, and go out and meet them! Go to the next Hive gathering if you can!
  2. Invest in Hive - I'm sure my non abundance tribe Whale auto-votes have stuck because I was on-board with the whole ditching Steem and moving to Hive thing and I've bought more Hive since. Fair enough I say, no point in voting on people who are going to PD and sell, that's not me.
  3. It also helps if you can actually write and have something worth writing about that people want to read. And once you've got your nice auto-votes coming in, don't be a dick with your posting, try to maintain at least some minimal level of quality.

There's no real correlation between who auto-votes me and who I auto-vote

I don't just do vote for vote, I'm not really sure why, it's just not the way it works here on Hive.

Having said that, I do follow (I think) everyone who autovotes me, and I am more inclined to throw out the odd manual vote to people who auto-vote me.

I know a lot of people I interact with don't like auto-voting, fair enough I say, personally I do it as it simplifies my time on Hive.

I quite often get more than $10 a post because of manual votes, cheers!

Implications of getting a $10 pay-out per post

Personally I see this as something of a responsibility - it's a lot more than most people earn from blogging on Hive and so I do feel kind of bound to maintaining a certain level of quality, otherwise it just makes the ecosystem look broken - I really don't want to be seen to be earning $10 for posting selfies of my dinner like exyle used to, that's just embarrassing, and why I use alt accounts like @blockbeard for quick-posts.

Having said that $10 a post, or $5 after it's share with curators is sufficient to keep me posting at least once a day, and now with the added impetus of earning LEO, I'm thinking about upping that to 10 times a week, so twice a day some days.

There is a problem for the ecosystem, maybe, with people narrowing their votes in order to chase curation returns - that is knowing that whales will vote on certain posts, if you can front-run those, it just means more money going to people like me that have already attracted whale votes. That may not be so great for bringing new people in!?!

Anyway, thank you for the autovotes....


And apologies if I've missed anyone out, or if in fact you don't autovote me from the above list and you just sneaked a manual vote in early on!

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Aw man...now am jealous...lol. I don't have any auto voters but I do have some manual voters who upvote me whenever i blog, even when it is just random rambling. To the most notable two, I say thank you guys @abbak7 and @toofasteddie

I do read everything you post! I am a real follower... Everytime I upvote you is by my choice!

Well just know I appreciate all you do. I may have left the platform if I didn't get support in my earlier days...so I definitely don't take it for granted. I'll be activating my discord channel again soon... Would make sure I say hi

I guess it doesn't matter whether they're auto or manual, as long as you're getting due reward!

And it's only funny money anyway of course!

You deserve more attention. Keep doing the right thing

Solid advice, especially...

...once you've got your nice auto-votes coming in, don't be a dick with your posting, try to maintain at least some minimal level of quality.

I quite liked the short post by Nathen the other day, networking is important, and not being a dick :)


I'll give it a read thanks,

The older I get the more 'not being a dick' just sounds like the only advice I need to give anyone, about anything.


Gravestone shortlist :)

I liked your post. I get depressed after every publication. Therefore, I try to write less. When it becomes easier I will try to actively publish. If this works out. Thank you for the interesting post. I wish you success and all the best.

Hey cheers,

I had to grind away for years to get those autovotes, it takes a while and a lot of networking but you'll get there.

Buying a few thousand Hive would probably help too!

Thank you for responding to my comment. I understand that effort and knowledge are needed everywhere. Time will tell what to do next.

I could literally just copy this and pretend I wrote it - same same on every account, except I don't run an alt! It's a good idea to follow a trail but I mainly vote mainly as a trail for tribe posts I like would be 5 or 10 percent whereas often I'd want to reward a lot more in many cases and none in others! Grateful for support I get but we both work pretty hard for HIVE so can I not be humble and say its deserved? No way I'd be here without it - I've put ALOT of grunt into this place! Grateful you are here too.

Hey I'm glad you're here too!

I sometimes vote more even if I've trailed, if it's only say 5% initially, you're not losing much if you then up it to a larger percent.

No need to be humble.

It kind of comes with time, I think, I am way behind you, but I get autovotes more and more too, sometimes bigger than other days... but never 10 $. Good for you

Hey thanks, it's just a matter of building it up gradually!

Indeed! Doing it every single day

The quality of your posts are outstanding.

I never cease to learn something new. You know what you want to write about and you know how you need to express it. Your method of writing has helped me with my own. Your deserve that payout and more. Thanks for what you do.

Hey thank you so much, very kind of you to say!

You gotta embrace the grind :)

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I get $3-4 per post that is largely from auto-votes and I am grateful for that. It does add some pressure to earn it by not shitposting. I have met some of the people who vote for me, but have no idea why others do it. It's not through returning the favour. A lot of my votes go to smaller accounts where they make more difference and I don't care what I make from curation. My only auto-votes are some that follow what @tenkminnows is supporting. I have no trouble using up the rest each day.

I know some people will complain about 'circle jerks' and favouritism, but some of us have invested a lot of time in building connections and some spent a lot of money too. I sold Steem to go to Steemfest twice and didn't get the best price for it.

I'm not so involved with communities, especially the curation kind. I don't need the pressure of deciding where big votes go.

I would rather people send their votes to smaller accounts who do good work. We need to build more minnows and dolphins. Delegating or following @tenkminnows is one option. I should get to orca soon anyway and don't mind making a bit less.

well said! I think $3-4 is still a very decent earn!

It's in all our interests to vote smaller accounts I think - I'm more inclined to vote people buying and powering up if course!

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I now have a nice list to target for auto-upvotes! muhahahaha!

Well best of luck, although these are just best guesses, I'm honestly not that sure why people upvote me on a regular basis!

Auto upvotes really help and boost the moral but you still need to maintain the standard because "downvotes" still exist and something nice will get more manual vote on top of auto votes.

Yes that's very true, I think downvotes are essential, I also think people should review their autovotes more often!

Manual voting is better, it's just you need autovotes to get a decent return!

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