Proof of Brain earnings are probably set to decrease, in relative terms....

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I’m glad I’ve already earned my Hive and LEO, as I think the best time to earn it was in 2019-2020.

And if you think the price of HIve is going to carry on going up, either in dollar terms, or Satoshis or (ideally) BOTH, then the next best time to get your creative juices flowing and get posting on Hive and tribes is right now.

If the price of Hive, LEO and other tribe related tokens continue to increase, this will attract more people to the platform to earn posting and curation rewards, which in turn will mean each individual person will receive LESS of the reward pool in the future than compared to RIGHT NOW, while things are still relatively quiet (truer on Hive than on LEO it must be said).

The best time to have been posting was the last couple of years or so, all the while that the Steem then Hive price was declining and plateauing and then declining some more.


I never really understood why so many people just followed the basic price trend of Hive and stopped posting as the price decreased…. if you had any notion that there was ANY future in Hive, any notion that the price could potentially increase, then the time to have been posting would have been during the quiet times (those times possibly now ending) when there is less demand on the reward pool which means the receding amount of people who carry on posting (and voting) regardless get an ever increasing share of the pool for their efforts.

(Sorry about the wandering tenses there!)

This used to be a stock-topic for several people: one of @tarazkp’s old-time favourites I know - don’t focus on your dollar rewards per post, focus on what the Hive you earn will be in the future.

If you think Hive is going to $5, and you earn 10 Hive a day through posting and curation, that’s $50 a day or $1500 for a months ‘work’.

That’s why a handful of us, the Hive faithful if you like, have carried on posting here regardless, we think not about the value today, but the value in the future. We’ve been posting daily, powering it all up, voting with that Hive and LEO power, earning curation rewards, powering that up, and all in all making the most of the opportunity to earn Hive while demand has been scarce.

(Of course we’ve also bought some during the lows too, powered that up and increased our curation earning potential even more, but this post is about earning.)


If you like posting to earn, make the most of it…

I can only see the relative earning potential for posting decreasing from this point forward. I think it’s likely that TWO factors will drive your earning potential DOWN in the future…..

  • As more people start to flock to the platform and look to post and earn as the token price increases - this will mean rewards get spread out more as people diversify their votes.
  • The proportion of rewards distributed to posting and curation will probably go down as tribes and even Hive main seek to use the reward pool to incentivise a wider range of initiatives - namely the DEFI that’s almost certainly coming to the Chain.

NB - it might well be that increased interest = increased buying pressure = a future increase in earnings in your Hive/ LEO/ etc in dollar terms, but it will = a reduction in terms of the absolute Hive/ LEO you earn.

It might well be that you can post once a day and earn $20 a day because the price of Hive and LEO is so vibrant, but if there are twice as many people posting in 2021 as there were in 2020, had you been posting in 2020 you would have already earned $40 a day for the same historic-effort, had you not just sold your earnings.

Personally I’m glad I’ve been earning (crab) bucket loads of Hive and LEO for the last two years while they have both been low in dollar terms - because now their value seems to be increasing, that’s a retrospectively far easier way to have earned my coin rather than the likely higher competition in the future.

If Hive and LEO do moon hard now I’m in a position to just relax and enjoy the fucking enormous shit show of shit-posts - and focus on curation more than posting. Although I’ll probably still keep the later up too, I enjoy it!

Final thoughts - a quick note on integrity and posting

NB - I do think there’s something to be said for having a bit of integrity when you post - sure tweak your posts to fit a new audience (like writing more finance posts when LEO comes around) - but don’t just post to milk, that’s just shit, post because you enjoy it and have something worth saying.

That’s the trick to sustaining writing, otherwise it becomes a chore, and I can safely say that’s one thing Hive and LEO have never been, well except for playing Splinterlands, but that’s another story.

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Is still a good moment to get some popularity and let other people know you.

After two month being here I think Hive and Leo has a lot of potential, even if HIVE goes to $0.07 and LEO to $0.2 I will be buying more.

I wish to have discovered this site 2 years ago.

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I guess it's better later than never!

Those prices sound like a bargain! I want to say it's unlikely we'll go that low again, but then again this is Hive!

I mean i kinda disagree with this post in that. This is based on a matter of price point of when you got in. For example i came to Steem in like 2017. The price was $2.50 with like 150k people a bit over prior to the pump of 2017 and sbd was at $2.12. So i kinda feel like dpos will do the opposite as it grows. However i think if you''re using this as decentralized social media that's a good use and earning something on that is not bad. However the data i've collected it's no reason to believe the price will do any better unless the rate of inflation is controlled. Some don't agree inflation will do that however i think there is a certain level of deducing logically that less cryptocurrency is going to create less selling pressure.

I think it's going to get harder to earn on posts as well as i'm not sure if growth even works for this model could have the opposite situation. I think on dips like many cryptos if you dca it.. and keep compiling certainly you've more crypto. However there is no reason for me to believe this model and people coming in and growth will necessarily equal higher prices. So it's a very complicated model i've found. However, that doesn't take away from the importance of decentralized social media. Even if we had to donate to it ... it's still nice for people to have that option i believe.

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You're right there are many variables!

But all other things being equal, you still earn more posting in the quiet times!

I never really understood why so many people just followed the basic price trend of Hive and stopped posting as the price decreased….

This sums up why most people do not end up wealthy. They do exactly the opposite of what should be done.

Why do people sell their stocks after a market crash? That is the time to buy? Yet if you watch the masses, they buy after the stock/market runs and sell after it crashes.

So with Hive, they do the exact opposite of what it takes for success. Post when things are down and enjoy the rewards during the bull.

Yet we know the masses leave at the first sign of the bear, only to return when things move higher, throwing themselves into the heavy competition.

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I still don't understand it!

I get the feeling we'll be looking back in 2025 thinking 'glad I made the most of that (possibly now-gone) opportunity.

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I started in late 2017 and saw the potential then, so I've just been chugging along in my little fish way ever since. I saw how many of us newbies at that time were like, "damn, why didn't we get here sooner" and so when the price dropped, I was like, "well now is our opportunity." But as we've all seen - too many of my "classmates," as it were, dropped out as soon as they weren't earning a mint for every shitpost they made.

Well w'ere doing OK now looking at some recent price action!

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I like the info, but I gotta be honest with you, I couldn't read it all. Those flashing line thingies were hurting my eyes. If you see this while it's still early, I might recommend you edit those into non-flashing lines. Just a thought. Totally agree with working while things are out of favor though. Trying to do as much as I can now....

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Oh I like those GIFs!

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It's not just about earning crypto. It's also about true ownership of an account. Where you can't be deplatformed just because you have a different political view. I appreciate this aspect far more in recent months...

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Oh believe me, I 100% agree that this place is about more than just the money!

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Great post -

I haven't really been paying attention to price so much other than to set goals for myself

I am not a great writer or a whale/lion - I'm just here to stack sats and get rich slowly LOL

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It's a good place to get rich slowly this, you don't have to be a great writer, people will vote and reward what they like and comments too of course!

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Good point. Bear markets are for building portfolios and make connections and bull markets for profits. I do believe that there's still room for everybody t play around here. On top of that the space is diversifying and tribes have their own second layer tokens which means that users will be get their share of that particular token of the tribe they're part of. We no longer hustle for just one particular coin.

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Oh we're not done yet, that is for sure, but for those of us that have already been posting, I think we'll never have it easier!

I think 2021 on here will be very interesting!

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It is a stock topic of mine and one day, those dollars will arrive and people will say "how come nobody said.."

The more people who understand how hard it will be to earn the infrastructure token of Hive, the harder it becomes as they will start trying now :)

I'm resisting going all 'Taskmaster' on you... no I can't...

Now, imagine Hive with 1 million active users,

Now, five million.....

Then chuck in something about people not understanding network effects...

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I've tried to keep earning $Hive (or the other thing) as I believed in the platform and wanted to be part of it. I'm not even that bothered about getting rich really. I like that I can reward other people. Of course the income means a lot more to others. I want to see more of them earning from it. I'm not into trading anyway.

I think we need more people with a stake so they have an incentive to help make it take off.

I like it here - having dug around the crazy defi world recently it's quite cut throat, at least you can earn as part of a community here, which is really something.

I'm convinced that eventually chains like this that are about more than just the money will be ones that are successful!

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During the first SBD bull run I sold a heck of a lot of my earnings. What can I say, I got excited 😝 In this next bull market I’m hoping to contain myself a little more and play a longer game. Curation is a nice little earner and your post has made me consider moving my trading portion back over here so it can be powered up...we’ll see about that because I do enjoy the trading. Not sure I’ll enjoy all the shit posts but if that’s the nature of the beast I’ll just have to throw a saddle on it. Nice post, buddy, I enjoyed reading that.
P.S. where did you get those banner/separator gifs?

I didn't have enough capital to sell off back then, and i swapped all my SBDs for Steem, as the price was just going up and up.

However now i've been buying at the lows it'll be a tough buy over $0.50.

I can't blame anyone for selling for trading, it's a strategy for sure, just makes me nervous and I like writing more!

Oh those giffs.... I did a post a while back with all the links in, I'll try and dig it out.

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Pop me a link to those gifs, please, I’ve been looking all over for some to use.

Yes, I know what you mean about buying hive at the recent prices, even buying at 20c+ makes me pucker up. Had a great bit of luck last night and caught the high price, now I’ve just got to set my dip price and get ready to buy it all back.

The best time for posting on Steem was in spring 2016 :)


You are not wrong!

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Phew. I'm glad you had that bit at the bottom as while I largely agree that the best time to earn is when activity and price is low what I hate to see is people getting lazy at those times and thinking, fuck it, post any old twaddle and collect!

Oh that had to be in there! Given the shit show that is Steem atm!

It is hilariously bad but then, they are romping in them dollars and are probably laughing in the shit-covered stroll to the bank! :OD

I’m glad I’ve already earned my Hive and LEO, as I think the best time to earn it was in 2019-2020.


No other app makes this as clear as LeoFinance. Just take a look at your old LeoFinance posts from early to mid 2020 or 2019 when it was SteemLeo and look at the dollar values of those posts. That'll drive home your point more effectively than a thousand eloquent words can!

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I wasn't even using it back then, what a long long way it's come!

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I never really understood why so many people just followed the basic price trend of Hive and stopped posting as the price decreased…

It does actually take some mental strength to do this, its very easy to tie the charts with ones emotions, I know cuz I've been there..but once you can overcome it then you're good to go.

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True, although I tend to see a low price as an 'earning opportunity' - same as a buying opportunity!

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This is really the best way to look at things while productivity riding out downturns in the price.

For instance, while my last post on Leofinance received a total of 0.24 in upvotes ( compared to what it made on Hive), that's 24 cents more than what I went to bed with, compared to the zero, zilch, nada I made on legacy social media.

The blockchain had reawakened the joy of blogging and I appreciate any support I receive no matter how small. Like you, I'm taking the long view and imagining the future value of crypto.

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It's a good way to look at it for sure, and yes, social media as usual, where we are the commodities, not so great!

It's always interesting to see the volume of traffic pick up through the bull run, when token prices are juicy! But like as you mentioned it pays to create during the down cycle when there's fewer drawing from the pool.

4 year anniversary is quickly approaching, so have seen at all now, 2 bull runs and creating content through a 2+ year long crypto winter. Cheers to those that have stuck it out!🍻

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And Hive's First Birthday don't forget, I'm expecting a slurry of activity around then.

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Oh shit right, HIVE birthday coming up!

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If Hive and LEO do moon hard now I’m in a position to just relax and enjoy the fucking enormous shit show of shit-posts


And probably a lot of those will come together with the "heyy people, been away from the platform for 1 year but now..." ;)

It's great to have sticked around and keep posting during all this time;as you said, you just have to find your niche!

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I doubt any of the returners will get a warm welcome.

It's good to have stuck it for sure!

Blogging low is tougher than buying low! That is for sure!

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Fair point, I agree, but there's no reason why you can't do both!

Besides, I tend to enjoy things when it's quiet - I'm the kind of person who goes to the supermarket at 6.00 a.m. on a weekday rather than 11.30 a.m. on a Saturday!

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As of right now
Hive is at 32 cents, 600+ satoshis.
February is still trying us.
Hope it stays that way.

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I think I bought some at 300, can you believe that?!?

Then again I've also bought at LOT more than that, back in the day.

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You're totally Spot on, I guess why most people stop posting when price plummets is because they're the instant sellers. They sell everything they earn instantly and building for them seems like a waste of time. It's not a project to them, it's a prospect they can milk.

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I prefer building TBH!

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That's what I do too, to be honest if everyone loves building, hive might have been 10$ or more

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If you think Hive is going to $5, and you earn 10 Hive a day through posting and curation, that’s $50 a day or $1500 for a months ‘work’.

exactly! I always thought of my payouts as 1 Hive=1 Dollar because I know it's going to be there soon again. This is definitely the best time to earn tokens currently and it makes me happy that compared to 2-3 years ago we are actually rewarding good posts now!

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We've come quite a long way haven't we! Especially when you compare it to the shit show that is currently Steem!

I hope there will be a moment when people realize that Hive is the better chain. But as long as you can make easy money on steem (and the SBD pump and dump scam) I guess we'll have to be patient

That's my approach with my Leo account. I believe Leo will hit $10 sometime in the future. So I will need roughly 10,000 Leo to be in a good financial position. Anything from 1000 to 10000 would be fine actually. So the goal is not to get to that point. The dollar value is irrelevant as of now. So I keep stacking through posting and engaging every day.

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It could quite possibly got to $10!

I've just been posting most of the last few years and only discovered or got deeper into the Hive-engine communities over the last few months but glad I have been! This place has basically replaced my fb page and have found to have an immeasurable amount of benefits vs sharing content on fb. Less than 1,000 followers on Hive yet get so many more interactions vs 11,000 "followers" on Facebook.

You're right, the time is still now to be involved to get your name out there before both rewards pool and userbase gets to a point where that becomes more difficult!

Looking forward to seeing how we get on in 2021!

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Wow, based on those stats that is one hell of a difference.

That’s why a handful of us, the Hive faithful if you like, have carried on posting here regardless, we think not about the value today, but the value in the future.

Spot on.

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@ervin-lemark denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@ervin-lemark thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Writing Leo articles has been my best crypto decision so far!

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Glad it's working out for you!

Thanks! I'm really grateful it works out!

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I wholeheartedly agree, that is why I have tried to stay as consistent as I could even during the low times. A Hive is a Hive whatever the cost. I have also tried to diversify into other tribe tokens and it is here that I hope we will see others take Leos lead and that they too will start to gain value.
But I must say it was difficult during the low times as many had set their autovotes and gone to sleep. This just left the smaller accounts to try and pick up whatever they could from the reward pool that wasn't already allocated.

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I think many of the other Tribe tokens could do very well when Diesel pools kick off properly!

Part of the reason im powering up is so my curatio. Rewards start to outpace posting rewards so ill not feel as guilty not posting everyday.

Id like to focus more on longer term quality content, but we will see if i have the time.

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Both of those sounds like a great plan.

I'm kind of in the mood for picking up more Hive you know!