My not so shitty as I thought they might be investments - a quick look at my alt bags

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@trumpman's recent 'My Shitty Investments challenge' encouraged me to have a look at my alt bags, something I've been putting off for far too long.

My current alt bags - then and now

Below is a look at the BTC value of the alt-coins I bought mainly in 2017-2018, their current BTC value and percentage drop...

ShitcoinValue thenValue nowPercent Drop

In total I only made 0.1 BTC's worth of alt-coin purchases in 2017-18 - and since then my bags are down 76% on average, down to 0.025 in value.

TBH this isn't as bad as I thought it would be - given that BTC is down around 40% now compared to when I made these purchases.

So if I hadn't have bought any of these alts, I'd be around 0.075 BTC better off - it hardly feels significant!

NB I'm only showing what I've held onto, in some cases I bought a lot more of these alts and sold some at a profit, covered my purchase and what you see is the surplus.

I also bought some other alts and sold all of them, so overall I may have even made a BTC profit on some of these trades, I dunno TBH!

If I was to add the buy ins of the pre-Hive token I made during 2017-2018 then that would be more than 0.1 BTC spent on alts, but even though I bought 1000s of pre-Hive at a terrible price (in retrospect) I don't regard those tokens as part of my 'bags', so I'm not counting them here!

My Social media/ application tokens seem to have held up the best?

I'm not going to pretend to know much about these coins - but I do know that sc is some kind of social media type coin, NEO is an application token I know, and I've had a dig around on the MANA platform and I know you can buy 'land' and build and sell things on there, so maybe this bodes well for Hive?

Final thoughts

Overall this wasn't as bad as I thought, but these are just the coins I've got sitting on Bittrex atm, I've got a few more shitcoins kicking around elsewhere, some disastrous ERC20 tokens mostly, It'll take me a bit longer to drag up the will to see how much they're not worth anymore!

What's in your bags?

I'd love to know!

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The neo should be paying you GAS... they have a steady payout for that and most platforms actually give that to you, not sure about bittrex though
ADA is cardano, they are ready to launch staking as well

I have a few of those as well and in decent positions but did not buy at the top so I am quite happy, and since most are staking I have been making a decent extra here and there

Oh that's interesting to know, where d'you stake your NEO?

I use the zion wallet but I know binance and kucoin pay them out as well

Oh OK that is interesting, cheers!


Hey @felander, here is a little bit of BEER from @revisesociology for you. Enjoy it!

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An appropriate column name there :)

Well that's not so bad, I also didn't do too badly with alts and have only held Bitshares as part of the manna/other shitcoins drop which is still on-going.

I'd forgotton about Bitshares, I wonder how those BEOS tokens, or whatever they were are doing?!?

That's the one - they are still trickling into my wallet, I think there is another year to go yet!

I remember my first dip into Etherium, .. I had no idea what it was but someone we know told me that anything under a thousand dollars for Etherium was a bargain, so I bought one just as it was in the $900 range. Still, I hope I get to thank him for his tip one day. :-) .... ill be writing separately on my shit investment from back in the .com day. (what a mess).


I wasn't even aware it went up that high!

But I know you bought a bunch much cheaper, so at least that'll bring your average down!

not sure but I think it was up there at about $1200 at some point, .. maybe higher, ... ill be very pleased indeed when it gets back there, ... recent news VISA looking to accept Bitcoin/Etherium/XRP as a method of payment. ( would it have been so hard of them to say 'Hive' in the same breath?) .... bah 😏

I wouldn't worry about Hive not getting publicity, I think we all know that a BTC bull run is the most likely chance for a price increase!

You are aware you have a tidy amount of Blurt btw:

ill have to look into that 💲👀