March Income Review

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It's been a while since I've reviewed my income, I've been so busy with the land and crazy crypto I haven't had the time.

However a review is most definitely overdue as I wanted to compare my fiat income with my Hive and Defi rewards, especially since the price of the former has improved nicely this month and the later is a new endeavour for me since my last review.

I won't be so indiscrete as to outline how much I earn in each category, but I'll do a percentage breakdown and a few thoughts on each...

Here's my income breakdown from the last 30 days:chart.png

My Crypto rewards were greater than my fiat income for the last month, this is a first!

Quite a milestone!

NB I've scaled back my DEFI rewards - adjusted them down - I did earn more, but I tempered them given the short term nature of the crazy Cub returns for that first few days! resource sales

Given that A-level exams have been cancelled, I'm quite pleased with the amount I've earned in the last month - it's been stable and I'm delighted that my 'teacher resource subscriptions' have increased to the grand total of 11!

So that's a nice little increase in regular, predictable income.

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No change, still lower than they should be. Not impressed, but it's still money for nothing!


Down a bit on last month, but not too drastically - this is still earning away for me, and no negative impact on my SEO.


Like all my other fiat sources of income, this has been steady - TBH this is more about doing my mate a favour and keeping my head in the 'real world of work' rather than about the money.

Hive (and LEO)

Hive and LEO were my main source of rewards last month, thanks mainly to the Hive price increasing to over $0.50 and LEO remaining stable at (now) just under $1.

It's a bit of an odd one making comparisons from this month to previous month - I guess I should really go back now and change my percentages from previous months to reflect the current Hive price, given that I hardly cash any out - I Power up more than 90% so all of my previous earnings have really paid out at the current rate!

DEFI staking

As I mentioned above I 'paired back' these rewards given the crazy intense nature of the CUB printing machine in those early dayz. I kind of treated that all like a crazy gift rather than 'stable rewards' - the amount I recorded reflects the more stable returns I've earned from my CUB, Pancake and BEP (Rune) pools.

I think I'm averaging something like a 40% APY across all pools, I'm waiting until things truly settle down with CUB to evaluate my actual earnings.

This is something I'm looking to increase significantly this year. I'd like to double my stake in DEFI, ideally by the end of the year.

Fiat income compared to crypto rewards

I'm actually blown away that the later are now greater than the former - it doesn't feel real though because I hardly cash any of that crypto out for fiat, that's something I've got to get my head around.

But where ever the money comes from, I'll take it, so happy dayz!

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It shows that you have everything under control, I only get a little profit in Leo and little else, I do not complain

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I was lucky to have picked a lot of LEO up cheap, I get some pretty good curation returns, same with Hive. You just got to keep on grinding!

Cool to have crypto contributing so much to your income. Shows what can be done and Hive can be part of it, especially now the price is up. I saw people living off their income here before and it can happen again, depending on their living costs. I have a long way to go.

A little boost in price is all it took for my Hive rewards to start looking significant. Just about keeping the faith.

The problem is living in the UK - You'd need to be a Whale to live of your income!

Actually for the first time ever i think i get close to £3000 this month, 95% out of BSC DEFI pools, with a total of 50-60K invested there. So, this month is possible, but next one, we will see. Getting ready to send the free allowance this financial year on 30.03.21. Just to not waste free tax.

Plus, i use curators delegation for all my hive, leo and spt. No effort.

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You may as well use that £12.5K for sure - unfortunately I used almost all of mine selling some shares!

Hehe I get it. As long as you are not spending it, it isnt real. But it is real man.

It is stuff you made and can use and you choose not to, but this can pay your bills in portugal for a lot of years. And that is hard to wrap your head around

I do take out a small portion, just enough for the odd treat. Also if it crashes I'd feel like such an idiot for not having taken out SOMETHING!

keep on

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Do you still have crypto outside Hive ecosystem and defi? That would be quite unusual for you, if you went all-in in defi.

I am probably ignorant, but what is marking? :)

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I've got about 30% just in cold storage - mainly BTC

Marking - I do some assignment marking, basic teacher training.

Thanks, that makes more sense!

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