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RE: Leofinace : The Initiative Of 10

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Yes great idea, I don't think I'm too far off that already. ATM it's still fairly easy to keep an eye on most things posted if you check your feed every through hours.

I've quite enjoyed throwing out 5-10% upvotes on comments too, it's worth doing now that you earn the same back whatever you vote on!

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Just using the eye test, I bet you are close to that level also.

It is awesome to see some comments earning 10 and 15 LEO. That is really showing how things can be different and, in my opinion, stimulate more activity. It opens up a much larger pool for people to participate.

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Actually Hell, even $0.10 for a comment isn't bad money, it's something i might keep an eye on from here on in!

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It was one of the things that kept me going early on on Steem - i think one comment I made earned $20.

How times have changed!

But here on LEO we can now reward comments with a decent chunk - not quite what it was during the crazy 2017 times, but being able to earn $1 for a comment, that takes me back to the mind set where i'm thinking 'why isn't everyone after a piece of this?!?

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