39K LEO and 32 000 of it staked!

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Phew, my 'round number' OCD is satisfied, for now.

Looks quite nice....

Screenshot 20210121 at 19.42.32.png

Although I had to delegate a rather silly fraction to get there....

Screenshot 20210121 at 19.42.57.png

And with 5.5K LEO in the pool and around 1100 LBI tokens, that gives me a cool 38K LEO in total - NICE!

If I can count LBI tokens as LEO? Sort of, LEO + maybe!

Oh, and the miners - I've got around 140. (Wish I had more!), valued at several LEO each.

That's around 39K in toto.


Stakes yer LEO makes yer choice

It's taken a bit of umming and awing but I've settled on the fact that I'm a blogger mainly, not an investor. I like blogging, I like crypto blogging, that's why MOST of my LEO is staying staked in the platform to be used for active curation.

That's my bag, but not my bag!

My spidey senses also tells me that my returns from curation are slightly better than last month - I've been seeing the daily amounts from my 100% curation votes increase, while my WLEO returns (just received) are down, ever so slightly).

This suggests the market has done its thing and more leo is now in the pool compared to staked, compared to last month.

I had a feeling that would be the case.

Maybe I should stop calling this my alt account?!?

Come to think of it my so called 'alt' is now worth more than my main account! I mean, 32K LEO is worth more, currently, than 63K Hive, quite a bit more in fact.

An evil thought on messing with round number OCD stakers.

It occurred to me that if you wanted to mess a little bit with someone's head who likes round numbers you could stake a random amount of LEO direct to their account - like 0.037 or something, what a great way to irritate someone who likes round numbers.

Imagine: they've got 50K LP dead, and all of a sudden without asking for it the've got 50 000. 037 LP - it would take them at least week of PD to sort that out!

Maybe I should run a a bating competition. Whoever irritates someone the most by staking something to their account wins something?!?

Oh I'm evil!

Oh and feel free to try and irritate me my staking random amounts of LEO to Either of the above accounts!

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Those are large numbers for the small investor, I prefer to cure 2 times a day and earn little by little that way, I hope I can collect a little more before the next updates

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Little by little you'll get there!

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Wow! That is pretty impressive! Congrats on the milestone and I totally feel you about the OCD. The other day I finally started powering up some more LEO and I am making sure to do it in numbers that end in a five or zero. I want it to look all nice and pretty when I go in my wallet!

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I knew I wasn't the only one!

It does just look neater having everything with 0000s!

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You've gonna be a millionaire one day. No joke.

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I don't need to be, but I'd take it!

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You have the mindset for that though.

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Hmm, let's irk your OCD a bit shall we?!

How much nicer would it be to have 40,000 LEO staked rather than "around" 39,000 eh mate!

And as a final icing on the cake, your staked amount will automatically change over time to accommodate inflation so say goodbye to your round numbers ;)

I did try and 'round it up' to 40K but It didn't quite get there!

As to the inflation - you're thinking Hive, that doesn't apply to LEO!

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Ah it doesn't? I wasn't aware of this fact, thanks.

Here's to you getting to 40 k, cheers!

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You've got it all figured out lol. I tend to like round numbers myself when I stake but it's not an ocd thing. It's just an easier math thing for me because I also have a curation account. I kind of wish I had just stuck with one of them.

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It's a good idea to have two accounts I think, for security reasons!

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New LEO whale in the making

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Hey cheers, but yes I am already a whale apparently.

Something good came out that Steem Power Down - I bought lots of LEO!

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Lol he's already a Leo whale, incoming a Leo khauna

Congratulations... I hope some day be avaible to reach good numbers as yours

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Best of luck to you, I got lucky with the timing I bought in at, I'm thankful for that!

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“Oh and feel free to try and irritate me my staking random amounts of LEO to Either of the above accounts!“

They say genius comes in many forms. I see yours is the evil variety.

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No one's taken me up on the offer yet, i think I'm quite glad!

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Congratulations on achieving your goals.
I regret not continuing my steady investment in Steemleo and Leofinance earlier, as it’s more expensive now, but cheaper now then later in the year. I hope to catch up with your investment one day.

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You seem to be doing pretty well in earnings terms, so many ways to make LEO!

Best of luck with your accumulation!

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Congrats! is there a LEO richlist anywhere?


You can pretty much type in any token to the right and find the rich list!

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Impressive investment!

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This is quite a big investment in leo. This is impressive. Congrats

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I wish I hit that sweet milestone

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Congratulation! Don't overthink about the OCD stuff. If money doesn't relax you - what's the point of having all of it :)

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Did you stake in that fashion as a security option?

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What do you mean by 'as a security option'? Do you mean for tax purposes?

I am very happy with the price gains on Leo for sure!

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Some split their tokens between accounts so if one gets hacked they don't lose everything.

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Ah yes - I'm thinking of doing that myself a bit more TBH.

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