🔥 Why LeoInfra is the best that happened to LEO?

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I am starting to get really impatient for the LeoInfra integration. I know for sure that this is going to be the best thing that happened to LEO and HIVE this year.

The integration of Metamask for the Login for all the LEO Apps is HUGE!

But integrating the Ethereum Blockchain is just the first step. After that, @khaleelkazi plans to integrate other Blockchains outside of Ethereum, EOS will be a good bet probably.
The best part is that LeoInfra will not only allow cross-chain Login, they will also allow Google and Twitter account signups.

I can't imagine how hard the backend work have been. Nobody from the Steem and Hive ecosystem has managed to make Metamask integration that works for 3-4 years. Maybe for them onboarding is not a problem. 🤷‍♂


Some data about METAMASK

I don't know if you read the last news but Metamask reached 1 Million Monthly Active users.
Do you know what 1 Million Monthly Active users mean?

To put things in perspective, last month Leofinance.io had 326 MAUs.
That is just 0,03% of Metamask MAUs!

Can you imagine that we can make 0,25% of this users to gain interest for Leofinance.io?

What will happen? I will tell you a secret: THIS! 🚀


And there is more!

Look at the above chart. Do you think this growth is linear growth?
I will answer this for you, NO!

The Metamask growth is exponential, things started to get wild last April, and this September with the DeFi boom the user growth has skyrocketed.

I can't wait for the implementation of LeoInfra! It will be ready in the next 6-7 days!

Stay safe out there!

Cheers! 😊


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I'm so excited about LeoInfra. These kinds of projects are what get me really excited. Metamask is a huge integration. After that, we'll spend time and resources to onboard Metamask users to LeoFinance. We'll need the community's help to make that happen.

From there, we'll methodically add other blockchains (EOS is a definite possibility), google, twitter, etc. etc. and give each of those iterations a fair amount of marketing.

Our goal is 100% focused on our current core userbase and expanding the reach to bring in more people from outside of Hive. Solving the #1 issue of onboarding. I think we've got a shot ;)

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Good to hear that you will be focusing also on marketing this amazing tool.
The greatest integration without some marketing effort will not bring big results.

Expanding the userbase is the main goal if we want LEO to be successful longterm.
I am happy to be on this ship! Thanks @khaleelkazi!

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Google and Twitter account sign-up seems the best part of it really, I mean you might just be right, leoinfra's prospects seems really huge. Can't wait @khaleelkazi

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Yes! that is also really cool!

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Thinking Leo will explode and it's just a matter of time

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It is an enormous opportunity. All those Metamask users are, by default, also interested in Crypto finance. How much will be pulled remains to be seen but it is exciting to think of how small a percentage that Leofinance needs to attract to really seeing a huge jump in users.

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Just a 0,03% will double our user base!
You made a really good point, the Metamask users are interested in crypto, that is a really good filter!

We are ready to onboard the best segmentated userbase!

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The focused communities will end up pulling in the greatest percentages. General communities are going to fall on deaf ears in my estimation.

For example, as a percentage, the fans base of Real Madrid would likely be drawn to a community centered around that as opposed to one just dealing with sports.

All in due time I guess.

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I agree with your statement!
And we are on the coolest niche! Crypto and finance! :D

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Looking forward to LeoInfra :) This is huge, making onboarding the crypto community easier.

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