Diversifying and Playing the safe way...

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When you are at an edge, you have to make the decisions not only based on speculations but also have to be damn sure what you are getting yourself into. When it comes to crypto, volatility is the second name of it! So, for the last couple of days I am playing on the safe zone for my investment. In fact, I am aware there is nothing safe about crypto investment lol but trying to make the best out of the scenario from my investment end.

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Lately, I have been doing some trades with some crypto which mostly are based on upcoming news and strictly trying to maintain a parameter on my investments. Why? you ask! This current is on a uptrend and honestly this is probably the time which we have been waiting for a long time. But there are some high risks involved with small investors. As the way the market is going up and down, it is probably quite difficult for small investors to dive in on and get all in.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of cryptos which are showing promising futures in this bull run. Who knows we might even see a huge spark within a very short period of time!

I am taking my profits out in terms of trading. Several reasons behind it though! One of the major reason is just being cautious. And the next big thing is I am diversifying my assets in different zones. Recently, there is a uprising of crypto transactions happening in my country. Which is really a good sign for us. making those time effective and in my favor to make some profits. But come to think of it we do really need a basic starters to keep us going over the long run. So you may as well call it a retirement fund or something like that as well. Yup, just thinking up ahead lol. Lets say if HIVE gets to a decent level, we all should have a decent amount to get by. Likewise anything can happen in any crypto right now. Better stack up some of them and enjoy the ride once it hits the ATH.

Plenty of things are going on but we should be able to make the best out of our situation. There are endless possibilities in crypto. we just need to know where to dive in and when to dive in.

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May I ask in what are you diversifying your portfolio?

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