DE-FI, WISE Token, is it a wise Investment?

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There are plenty of DEFi projects lurking in the space of crypto. Some of them have been successful while some of them have been wiped from the face of the blockchain (aka scammed). Users made millions while some were rekt. But if I have to be honest about it, there are several reasons behind it. Since it is decentralized, we need and should do our own research before jumping into something. And once you are fully satisfied, than you may invest that much, which you can afford to loose. My personal favorite project is HIVE but making other moves allows me to see things little differently. I genearlly do not share my investment ideas, as you know it may go both ways (profit and loss). But since we have LEOFINANCE than why not share what I am doing with some of my investments. Strictly sharing my thoughts by the way ;)

I have invested on few recent De-fi projects lately. I have to be honest few of them gave me some amazing profits, while few were not really worth my money invested upon. The latest one which I have been waiting to see the outcome of, is the real deal! Honestly, what I am seeing right now about this project is somehow giving me chills. Let me share what I found out about it.

Before I go further, I just want to say, these are the facts which I found and it is not a financial advice of any kind!

WISE Token

WISE is a unique staking platform on Ethereum network, which is currently on presale stage. A complete decentralized protocol which will ensure no governance on its protocol and shall run without any admin keys as the protocol keeps on moving forward. A pure smart contract.

Few points which made WISE to come in focus in front of my eyes.
  • Fully decentralized
  • An audited smart contract by third party
  • 96% of the pre-sale fund will be added as liquidity on UNISwap, once the protocol goes live on 31st DEC.
  • Current balance on the smart contract current balance: 44,322 ETH and rising!

If everything goes as planned, let me share in which position the WISE token may start at in terms of liquidity :

  • Current price of 1 ETH : $652
  • Total Smart contract balance : 44,322 ETH, In USD value : $ 28,897,944
  • 96% of total amount in UNISWAP : $ 27,742,026

Which would place the WISE token in around 9th position of top 10 Uniswap tokens in terms of liquidity.


This is the smart contract, where you may find detailed information about WISE and its ins and outs.

While at the end, I just want to say I am going through DEfi different projects , nowadays. This seems somehow good to me. While at the end of the day it could be another fail project at hand. I might loose the few amount which I invested in here. But the probability is somehow promising here.

Nevertheless, do not invest anything if you are not satisficed with your own research on this project.

And for those who likes to takes risk and still if you want to look into it and have different thoughts, here is my ref link ;). We both get 10% extra WISE token, on the purchase ;)

By the way, what do you think about it, let me know? Is it a worthy investment, I am open to all answers ;) AND FYI, I just invested that much which I can afford to loose!

Best regards

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I feel like defi is risky personally. 50% of all hacks this year we’re on defi smart contracts. Esp the case with ones using trx smart contracts, like sandbox

I feel like defi is risky personally.

Of course it is. Especially what we have seen (hacks) and since this smart contracts is slowly getting into many of our heads, I am sure we will be wise enough to choose the right coin/token for us to invest upon. DYOR is a very important factor in here and every penny matters as we speak.