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Trading is probably one of the best way to gain profits! That even within a short period of time(short term trades). While on the other hand this could be a life changing lesson for many out there. Either get to stack some gain by learning the steps of crypto or get in and out with the flow and on that path you may or may not gain some profits along the way.


I met one of my colleague today, who recently got into trading. My first impression was, he was getting into this world just because of the hype of the recent pump of BTC and few other altcoins. He has no idea what to do and how to start. But I was able to give him some rough idea about few of the basic things of crypto and the exchanges. He was a smart one, as he started digging and educate himself over the period. He did his own research, very thoroughly (later I got to know)!

Today, I met him. I am not sure what to say? He described his past few days experience with me. He started with 1500 TRON (TRX). Now he is standing at around 15000 Tron as of today. I was kind of surprised and more precisely curious! Out of my curiosity, I asked him to elaborate what actually happened. So the short explanation was, he inspected the crypto market for few days and he ended up short listing few tokens. Later he inspected those tokens for few more days and slowly started his trading after doing some research.


He was very keen on this matter and I must say, a fast learner as well. He is quite lucky and was able to grasp the market within a very short period of time. I liked the agility of his work and devotion towards trading. He is wanting to invest little more and go in big this time. As usual, I told him the same thing like I said in the past, "Be careful and always invest that much, which you can afford to loose!". Hopefully he will be able to make some more profit along the way and would come up with something great in his trades. Every profit and loss is a part of trading. You either make gains or you learn. Either way you make improvements along the way.

Patience, thorough research and be able to cope up with the situation improves you as a trader! There is fun, excitement and much more to dig when you get into this situation. All of it, makes trading interesting! There is lossssssssss and profit on trading. So keep that in mind at all times.

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That's good, there are many losses and profits in trading, you have to be well informed, study the market well and be patient. Patience helps to make good decisions

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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