Peaberry is More Expensive Than Regular Coffee Beans

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I live in Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province in Sumatra Island of Indonesia. I’ve ever seen various kinds of coffee beans including peaberry. In case you didn’t know yet, coffee is fruit. Coffee normally has two seeds covered in the husk. Both seeds are facing each other. But there are about 5-10% of coffee harvested are peaberry. It’s only a single beans inside the husk. Actually, peaberry is a mutation bean which happened naturally.


Have ever tasted peaberry coffee? If yes, what is your opinion of its flavors? If you are a coffee lover but you never sipped peaberry coffee, I suggest you to try it. Some coffee lovers say that peaberry is sweeter with light acidity and complexity of the flavors, but some say it’s just like the taste of regular coffee.

However, it’s globally accepted that peaberry is more expensive than normal coffee beans. There are some reasons why peaberry is double in price compared to normal coffee beans. First is rarity. We may just discover only a little number of peaberries in our coffee bag. Second is the difficulty to collect and sort it. Peaberry is sorted by hand. And the third reason is its special taste. Peaberry may deliver foreign experience for a coffee lover since peaberry is considered sweeter and low acidity.


I love coffee, I drink arabica coffee everyday, and for sure I find a but different taste of peaberry and normal coffee. In my experience, peaberry of gayo arabica coffee is not only sweeter but also spicy. I discovered a spicy hint when I cup peaberry. But, I won’t spend double price for peaberry as it is only little different taste compared to normal coffee. Moreover, we will still have some peaberries in our normal coffee bag.


You know, I am a coffee producer here and I have my own coffee farm as well. Honestly, I don’t sort peaberry in all my coffee bags. I just do it some for my regular costumers.And I believe other coffee producers also don’t sort everything, so I think there always peaberries in the coffee we drink wherever.

The nett price of peaberry green beans of our company is IDR 150.000 per kg or about $10.5, or about 74 $HIVE at current price ($0.14 per Hive). While the price of normal regular green coffee beans is IDR 75.000.


My coffee brand is Katoomba. I have run the business for two years and until now I just supply for local coffee shops in some provinces of Indonesia.

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