Hellforge of Souls

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Life is the greatest hell-forge in which we are the finest blades in eternal making at first struggling and suffering.

The dip in the hot flames, the strike of the hammer, the splash into ice cold water and repeat.

Our essence being brought into materialisation.

Perfection being made aware of its perfection.

Sooner or later we no longer fear the hammer strikes, nor the fire, nor the ice cold water, but are aware that with each passing of the round we become more and more aware of the sharpening happening and strengthening happening.
Our souls blueprint of indestructibility and unimaginable sharpness ever more materialised into the entire reality of our being.

A process without an end, just at some point the fire no longer burns, the hammer strikes no longer hurt, and the ice cold water becomes a refreshing dip.
The finest samurai sword is only so fine for it is a blade that has been many a thousand times folded into itself.


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