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(Me the Ravenking, this summer near the Mont-Blanc)

The past year has been one of tremendous transformation and changes for me personally, in timing with the end of my saturn return happening now, which has been ongoing for the past 3 years.

The winter and the last few weeks have felt like going through an existential crisis. With my entire being seeking to redefine my values and the meaning with which I take my steps in our world.

Creatively I have been in an absolute down period. Feeling directionless as I feel my inner compass trying to recalibrate among the internal stress of the tightening cocoon.

The pressure is reaching a fierce weight strangling me from all sides inviting me to break open out of my chrysalis or die.

What is proposed to me among the many existing traditional paths does not resonate or inspire me.
To this point today where I am just having hit 30 I dared to live freely and explore many avenues. The passing of my father at 18 sparked my search for meaning beyond the ordinary surface appearance of things. I explored many spiritual traditions throughout all those years, I taught myself how to silversmith by acquiring the minimal equipment I needed t start off, teaching myself how to craft rings earrings and pendants and set them with gemstones. Then I jumped also into the world of perfume, and learned how to craft my own, and in the process learned also how to distill my own essential oils, create tinctures, and work with resins.

Then about 3 years back I became more aware about alchemy, and realized that what I had been doing so far across many of my interests all coalesced together with this new discovery.

Alchemy illustrated to me how the meaning I had sought so far was meaningless, and that if anything, I was solely responsible for the meaning I give my life. It opened my eyes to the fact that I am responsible to create my destiny as an active participant of life. It was a matter of daring to create from my depths, rather than something I could discover, bypass or shortcut my way to.

So here I stand today in the tight grips of my cocoon, and I feel within me amidst all the recent constrictions and lockdowns a fierce fire bubbling, wishing to unleash an inferno of sovereign glory, to infuse my life step by step with the cultivation of self-sufficiency, and sharing the fruits of my own increasing freedom with others.

I realize it is no longer appropriate to wait for others to follow along or for the world to change before taking action, the world will only change once I start moving ahead and bringing to life my vision.

I have sacked and deleted all my major tech accounts, Fakebook, Litter, Instantgram, Poo-gle and Poomail.

I have switched my bank to N26, and will be exploring the world of crypto especially communities such as hive and leo. Using them as my social platforms to engage with others and share my story. Yet the virtual world will be taking a back seat in my life, my motivation is to use it as tool and gateway to invite others from this hollow virtuality into deeper contact with their actual reality.

I am not against technology, but instead of being a tool to suck us into this virtual world, it should be transformed into a tool that in its use invites one to live deeper in the actual world. It should be a place of magic where we implant the ideas of our own inner paradise as seeds meant to bloom out of the virtual world and transform the actual real world.

I disengage from the political narratives of today, I will take note of the fact that my attention is a greater currency than any money in the world. If I am lost in the narratives of the world,then how am I to birth my own unique narrative? Especially when all I can conclude is that whether it is mainstream media telling me one thing; or alternative media another, the number of variations for each and every single story, merely confirms to me that the one thing I do know is I don't know.

From this space of not knowing, I will march forward step by step and build what feels true to me.

This year the focus is building my kingdom, step by step increasing my independence on all levels. It is time we each stepped up and dared to ask ourselves, do we want to live our lives the way the world is trying to force us to live it? Or will we dare to try out something new? Take a risk? To tread the path upon which nobody else has walked because it was meant to be traversed by uniquely you?

Catharsiopa is the name of the budding Kingdom I am constructing together with my beloved, and I invite you all as free travellers to visit it, my website is the virtual gateway and blueprint of that rising world, you can discover its artifacts and curiosities in our Etsy Shop, read through the books of our library in the blog posts I make here, on the site and in my publications, got one poetry Book published and working on a potential "sovereignty" themed magazine.

May we rise from our fall having learned the lessons of our secret beautiful heart.

I have a feeling I am not alone in this crisis, I am sure many of you who might end up reading this are equally in a cocoon and transitioning phase. Reorienting yourselves and recalibrating your inner compass. Filtering through the inner landscape of your dreams, throwing away those no longer serving your sovereignty and crafting new visions for the spring ahead.

If you are then please do not hesitate to leave a comment about the things that come up for you when reading this.

May you all break out of your cocoons with magnificent wings, I wish to see a world of queens and kings.

Below: Distilling Essential oils

Ps. The persona I have created, (Lucifer the Ravenking /"Diabblo") is an artistic alter-ego of mine. To represent how we are all devils fallen unto this world, there is no devil to blame, no scapegoat to be found responsible for our sins. We are each responsible for our actions and consequences. To sin actually means merely to miss the mark/target. We are the fallen angels of sin and we are also potentially the Morningstars of Illumination! Once we aim properly with our hearts and hit the mark. Lucifer fell in pride wanting to rise above God, but God had already made him his equal, so he fell into a self-created reality of powerlessness through the belief of his own inferiority to God, out of which he will only rise once he acknowledges his own power. We are not victims of Gods reality, but he is waiting for us each, to accept his invitation to finally co-create with him from our hearts true divine power.

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I so much find your post as an exceptional article. I think it's my first time reading a blog focused on spirituality and reality.

I realize it is no longer appropriate to wait for others to follow along or for the world to change before taking action, the world will only change once I start moving ahead and bringing to life my vision.

I also agree with you on this. A man has to start making the change himself and can't blame others for not seeing things from his own view. Life is exactly shaped the way we want it to be for us not how other want it.

I'll share in your vision accept God's invitation with one's heart and soul.

I don't have much UPVOTE power so let's make a toast to that


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It's a pleasure to hear it resonated being the first time you read such a blog!

Beautifully put, we are each the answer to the deepest questions in our hearts, all we need to do is trust and risk that everything we need to birth our vision is already contained within us, and the state of the world and of others is in no way capable of preventing that vision to be birthed if one remains loyal to that inner trust.

We have seen the hells we are capable of creating, now it is time to learn how to create paradises!!

now it is time to learn how to create paradises!!

The time is definitely now.


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