Passing the #HiveTorch 18000 km Across the World

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Hive is a decentralized force to be reckoned with. The ability to post whatever we want and effectively not being censored makes that an undeniable fact, because whatever happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain. Another powerful feature of Hive is the ability to send tokens fast and efficient from one user to another, no matter where those users are and what time it is. And if that wasn't enough, the very real bonus of being able to earn anywhere in the world, without being discriminated by complicated geographical limitations, seals the deal.

Today I received the Hive Torch from @josevas217, who is already an influential pioneer on the platform. Thank you for the honor Jose. As he stated it is a responsibility to pass it on and ensure that the statement of the power of the Hive blockchain is sent around the world. So that is exactly what I'm going to do. The torch has been hopping around in the ReggaeJAHM community for the past few days and it's been having an IRIE time. Before I pass it on I'll add 1 HIVE to it, bringing the total to 257 HIVE.

Now that the torch has rested from it's travels in South-America it's ready to go back on one of its many long journeys. So I will hop in my virtual airplane travelling from Suriname all the way to Indonesia handing the torch over to @anggreklestari, a veteran Hive resident who was blessed with creativity. I especially enjoy her masterful restaurant-quality plating technique posts. Or pretty much everything involving food.

Fun fact: my favorite dish and favorite person both trace their roots back to Indonesia.

Anggrek is also an active member of ReggaeJAHM, so for now the torch will keep on JAHMin it up for a little while longer.

In the spirit of passing around things that be burning, I end with this tune. Pass it on!

THE RULES - by @stayoutoftherz

  • If you got passed the #HiveTorch to you, increase the amount by 1, leave it as it is, or add anything between 0 and 1. It is up to you. Don´t reduce the amount and don´t add more than 1 Hive - it is not about collecting money.
  • Send the Hives as soon as possible to someone who is active on Hive and whom you trust that he/she will follow the rules and forward the torch to the next one.

  • In the transfer, use this Memo
    "Hivetorch - Count x - please read the rules at @stayoutoftherz/hivetorch"
    whereby you increase the count no. by 1 (so if you got the memo with count "23" then put "24" in your memo).

  • Choose as the next Hivetorch keeper preferably someone who has not yet been selected and inform him/her about the transfer, so that the torch is kept in motion.

  • You are highly encouraged to create a post about the #HiveTorch e.g. on using the picture above or any other picture (the picture must contain both a torch and the Hive logo) and the tag #hivetorch. Please post it in the Hivetorch Community.

  • After 333 transfers I will create a poll to let the community decide what to do next (continue, give the sum to a Hive-related project, distribute to minnows, burn it, etc.)

I am looking forward to any ideas and suggestions, also if you want to have a specific rule changed, I am totally open to that.


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Pass the dutchie! I haven't heard that song in years. Now I have to go burn one!



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