Microblogging: an Essential Bridge between Mainstream and Decentralized Social Media

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Think of all major mainstream social media platforms right now. What do they all have in common? Well, censorship for one, but more importantly content that is short and straight to the point. These brief messages are pretty much short burst of dopamine for the user providing it as well as the users absorbing it. In our busy everyday lives, this is about as much as the average occupant of society needs for their daily dose of interaction. It's not a coincidence that these platforms are so popular.

Microblogging is as the name suggests the reduced form of blogging, meaning that someone poses a message in a limited amount of characters or words. What we are essentially doing on platform like Facebook and Twitter is microblogging, to an extent. Hive as we currently know it provides a decentralized space for the traditional form of blogging, where the reader as well as the writer expect to interact through a wordy article filled to brim with meaningful content. Length is key and apparently size does matter.

Comparing mainstream and decentralized social media we see a clear distinction between one catering to microblogging, while the other is more keen on blogging. On Facebook you run the risk of nobody reading your content is it's more than 300 characters long, while on Hive people some might frown upon your less than 300 characters "low effort" post. This is where decentralized microblogging comes in.

The decentralized space, through Hive in this case, is in desperate need of the opportunity for microblogging. With this the clear gap between those users still on mainstream social media and those on Hive will be less gap and more bridge. Quite a few people who start of on Hive with the expectation it will be like the social media they are used to often stop publishing after the first few posts, because it wasn't as expected or they just can't keep up with producing lengthy posts at the same frequency that they were microblogging elsewhere.


Luckily there are already some initiatives in place to build the bridge between mainstream platforms and Hive to bring the unenlightened ones to the decentralized userbase.
One of those initiatives that is already up and running is DBuzz. This is pretty much decentralized twitter, where you can provided your followers short burst of content over time. It is clear as soon as you hit the 280 character limit, that @dbuzz doesn't want you writing any more than that on its front-end. I've hit that barrier many times now, and always have to reword and cut some things, challenging myself to make my message short and precise.

Rumor has it that the LeoFinance team is apparently also working on that piece of micro-blogging real-estate and pretty soon "MicroLeo" might be a thing. Not only will microblogging on Hive bring in the "average" everyday users, but big influential names on twitter might also join the movement, as they maybe don't have the time or interest to write longer blog posts, but may be interested in a decentralized twitter alternative. Thinking of celebrities and maybe even an Elon Musk or so.

An extra benefit that will undoubtedly draw mainstream users to Hive will be the fact that there is no unfair censorship. Or at least no centralized unfair censorship. Anything you say on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain. And hopefully it will stay on the user interfaces as well. Here you can be as dark with your humor as you want, you can state any political opinion without being silenced or banned from the platform. And your data isn't being sold through a centralized entity, because it's pretty much available to anyone.

So in order to elevate Hive to the next level we need to all massively pile up on microblogging and promote those posts, because that is exactly what will appeal to the average mainstream social media user. Microblogging is what is IN with all the cool kids right now, and it's what will attract them.


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My blog is never long. I think that long blogs are just talking to themselves.
If I have to sit through a blog for more than 4 minutes, I'm gone.
Besides, with so many things happening in this world... come on!


That is true, kind of. When I see that whatever I'm writing has turned into a long blog, it's usually because I was writing down all of my thoughts on the subject, which is basically talking to myself. 😅

Besides, with so many things happening in this world... come on!

Because of things happening in the world, some people find comfort in long articles. But not everyone is the same. So we need content for both kinds of people. 🙃


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As I was participating in this crypto-financial discussion on Twitter, the whole time I'm thinking, "This discussion could be happening on Hive instead."

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You're absolutely right.
These conversations on decentralized technology almost have a bit of irony attached to them being held on platforms like twitter. But we'll get there eventually. At some point in the past people were also still sending messages by physical mail while e-mail was already a thing.


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