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dCity has become one of those things that I kind of do on autopilot now. I guess that happens once things expand to a certain level. So everyday since the last update I've either been cashing in my SIM income to buy other things like LEO or HIVE, and sometimes to buy more cards. I can buy 7 or 8 cards daily, so that's a long way from where I started. My LEO total passed 200 by the way. :)
Income is about $3 a day. This is already more than I ever imagined to gain daily from proof of stake tokens I own elsewhere.

I don't apply much statistics in terms of ROI, but I probably should. If I had to guess I would say I'm at about 25% return on investment. And if the price would remain stable I could pass 100% in about 2-3 months. That is IF I sell each daily income for those months.

Last time I had 10 Military Complexes and 3 Social Aid Offices, and now that has become 12 MICs and 5 SAOs. So I would say things are looking pretty good on the luck side.

I'm almost at 25% research chance as well, which is bringing in lots of tech cards.


Somehow I can't seem to get any tier 3 tech cards though. Hopefully soon. Once I reach 25%, I plan to start building a tech farm, because there's no point in stacking more education after 25% research.

dCity_rarej 1.png

Oh yeah, I also got a cool new background which I switched to immediately. For now my autopilot mode will continue, until 3rd edition rolls out. The idle game is still remains reliable steady source of income.

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I see windmills and farms are your biggest amount of cards. Got to follow your lead lol. Thanks.

That's true. Al though I don't intentionally buy those, I just get them a lot when buying random cards.


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