Criminally Productive dCity || Weed, Booze and Batman

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Might as well start calling my dCity Gotham, as it seems the criminals are taking over. I've also noticed some WEED and BEER traffic going on, which probably attracts more crime, even though not specifically stated. Since my last update crime has gone to 20% now. I know what to do remedy the situation and get the crime percentage down, but that will happen step by step now, as I am also working on other investments.


While Batman was not available to sweep up the criminals in Gotham, I did find a trusty dark knight in top player @luca-legend who reinforced my law upholding division with an extra police station. So a big shout out to him. Yes, I just assumed his gender.

Ironically, after Luca's contribution, the next card I pulled was another casino and as we know, those increase crime. So far I've been robbed 1 time, which is not all that bad, considering I'm still in the building phase. Eventually I will start buying specific cards and selling a few unneeded ones.


My income has increased to 317 now. Noteworthy cards that I randomly got where a stadium and a weed farm. So along with the casinos and beer brewery, the city is producing WEED, BEER, GAMER tokens. Oh, and ENTRY, still have to figure out what that token is for. A few more WEED farms would go well with my WEED Miners.

A job center and one homeless are also new additions, enabling me train homeless and immigrants now.
Hopefully my education goes up soon, so I can get some technology cards as well.

If you're interested in building your own dCity, hop over to and get started.

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Hi @rarej, sounds like you are making good progress growing your dcity!

Entry tokens are needed for a splinterlands tournament with great prizes, which is hosted by dcity/gerber.

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Yeah, someone on the dcity discord said as much. I guess I will hold on to them for now, as I'm not going to start with Splinterlands anytime soon. My passive cashflow needs to be a bit bigger for that first.
Thanks for the input @invest4free. ✌️

You’re welcome!