Big Business Going in Balls Deep on Bitcoin: A List of Financial Institutions and Corporations

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The domino effect of financial institutions and big business jumping in with both feet in the Bitcoin pool is in full swing. Over the past year, and especially the past month, we have seen many influential entities name-drop Bitcoin. Even the celebrities are chiming in. Some are talking about investments, others are planning to develop services and some are just on the hype train shilling all day every day.

I decided to gather up some of the most important ones with relevant articles. Let's take a look.

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Facebook, the arch-nemesis of everyone on decentralized social media, has been one of the earliest players to make a move on the concept of cryptocurrency. The social media dictator announced it's plans for a cryptocurrency called Libra at the end of Q2 2019 along with the Calibra wallet.

After a complex legal process Mark, the prototype robot overlord, decided to rebrand the currency to Diem and put it under the mantel of the Diem Association. They are expecting to launch somewhere around Q2 of this year.


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Tesla (Elon Musk)

At the beginning of the current Bitcoin run Elon Musk played a significant role in propelling Bitcoin upwards, and Dogecoin for that matter. And if this mad genius is backing the crypto space, we can only expect great things. One could say that this purchase started the butterfly effect of corporations jumping on the bandwagon.


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Visa is constantly on the move with providing cryptocurrency services to it's customers. Most recently it has announced a pilot to develop an API that will enable banks to provide crypto services to their clients.

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With Visa doing anything and everything, Mastercard couldn't stay far behind and announced crypto-related services the past week. Having the big credit card companies in Bitcoins corner is definitely a plus. Even PayPal, with all of its scummy BTC jail-keeping activities boost the Bitcoin name-brand value.


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JP Morgan

While not really doing anything yet, JP Morgan executives have changed their tone quite a bit ever since they condemned and try to "kill" Bitcoin back in the day. But they will get into Bitcoin at some point, says co-president Daniel Pinto.

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Morgan Stanley

But no worries, just today Morgan Stanley, founded by JP Morgan's grandson apparently, has said they are considering a major investment of $150 billion, which can only mean we'll be seeing 50K very soon.



And these are probably just at the top of my head. Many more are already shifting towards the inevitable mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.
Blockchain technology is here to stay.

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They said the institutional fomo would’ve crazy but man, its pumping these prices like crazy!

Be sure to take your profit, because it can't go up forever. :)


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Mighty mighty Cryptos 😉
Let's keep it decentralized...and please get out of/stop using FB, i got out there in 2014!😜

I'm still using it because it's heavily used in Suriname, so it's a source of local news, entertainment and humor for me. But I have already removed any trace of it on my phone.

The power of the conscious consumer...
Our attention is energy and we all should stop "feeding the devil"😉 & instead of google...
Boycott Amazon and so on and so on...

Yes! DuckDuckGo all the way! :)



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