Will The 2/1/21 XRP Rumors Turn Into Another Wild Card Win?


Will the XRP booster club pull through or will fundamentalist get the upper hand?

Today at 8AM / EST we're supposed to see some bullish action coming from XRP. Looking quickly through a few of the rules:

  • Buy whats low against BTC and what people are ignoring
  • Buy the rumor sell the news
  • If you make a XRP transactions, 20% of your XRP will remain on the original wallet it's being sent from (and will be unaccessible to you)

For those who aren't able to buy and still want action, it is possible to short or long XRP/USD via multiple forex brokers (and with leverage, which helps take a little money a long way).

Nothing really excites me about the token, I'm just lurking, looking at the price action. When I'm trading without buying the token I'm only focused on finding an edge to be on the profitable side of the outcome, not the news, hype, or pep rallies/ promises (kind of like fantasy football, I dont care about the team winning, only the player doing well).

The biggest perk about not buying XRP and trading it with leverage in my opinion is knowing that 20% of your profits will NOT be locked away from you forever (something about not having the coin come back to the same place twice, idk sounds like something i don't want to bother with).

So with all that said, I'm waiting to see if we'll get a big burst of momentum on XRP (more people buy into XRP and everyone that has bought previously hodls) or if the top will blow off (sellers will take profits on the late buyers and hodlers) and start the early formations of a tea cup on the daily chart.

  • If the market keeps pushing up, I'll look for a retest to get in.

  • If the top blows off and gives us a wick I'll look for resistance points (the white dotted lines on the right to get in for a buy because those are areas that could give us an inverted head and shoulders aka a reversal back up)

So those are my quick thoughts, what's your game plan for XRP? Are you in or out? Bullish or Bearish? Looking to Sell or looking to Hodl? Or do you wish that it would just go away? lol

I aint no financial advisor, this aint no financial advice, I just like talking bullish 🐂📈

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