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RE: $80 Billion to Steal 800

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Change red Corvette to rusty old jalopy. I've had a few newer and/or flashy cars and never got pulled over in them. Literally never. A couple were actually bright red too. The police constantly harassed me when I was driving around in my beat up rusty old poor-mobiles when I was young though. I once had the police tear my Toyota Tercel apart looking for drugs because I approached them to ask for directions to an ATM. Emptied our pockets and gave my friend and I field sobriety tests (we were completely sober and had no drugs). We were on our way to LA for a concert and needed cash for tolls. I guess they thought we were looking to buy drugs and were stupid enough to ask them for help doing it? 🤷‍♂️

If this pattern holds, it's my expectation that the $80 billion will likewise be used mostly against poor and lower middle class people. The poor always seem to suffer the most when the government does anything. The rich just end up spending a little bit of money and circumvent the measures completely.


Yes, the IRS has admitted it focuses on auditing the poor because it's cheaper. Which is the reason given for increasing their budget, but of course, the incentives are still the same: rich people with lawyers and complex networks of companies are a headache for auditors.

Yeah this is 100% correct and was even thinking about it as I wrote the analogy.
I got pulled over in my friends car once that was a junker for this exact reason.
They said the car matched one described in a recently reported crime.
I think they were full of shit but that's irrelevant.
My friend said that happens to him all the time.
They demanded for my ID even as the passenger.
Luckily we are white, amitire?

When it comes down to it the poor always suffer most when the law gains power.