Reached Splinterland Champion 1 league first time but should I celebrate it?

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I reached the splinterland's Champion league 1 first time in my life and anyone playing splinterland's know it is highest possible league for season rewards. It gurantees me the 150 loot chest and everyone will say it should be definitely the reason of rejoice and celebration.


If you have noticed for past few weeks I am doing my earning reports in splinterlands. I noticed my earning week by week are fairly constant (so it is not a concern) but my cards value are decreasing steadily. (May be it act as good chance if someone want to invest decent amount right now)

Here is my graph of card value with each passing week.

Chart raw data.

My another concern about my earning. We all know with the implementation of reward loot chest the value of daily rewards and season rewards are greatly reduced. But I am also concerned with DEC earning in the game I noticed that my earning are roughly half in DEC that what I used to earn a year ago.

I find a my year ago comment with excerpts as below:
"a good silver account easily make around approx 1000 DEC per day"

Now I see even in playing in champion league I make half of DEC per day now.

Splinterland is still the most rewarding game but may be I am nostalgic with good old days.

Anyway I reached to champion 1 with my level 5 splinters and that was never possible in that good old days and I think I can keep of this tag of Champion forever.

Hope you all are enjoying the game.

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I've also reached champ 1 league but I have to agree with you that the income from the rewards is not what it once was. Probably also because DEC prices tend to be quite low lately.

Low DEC price is another issue, actually we are getting less DEC too. (if I believe my own 1 year old comment.)

i get ya...lots less of DEC to be made these days, but on the other hands...the amount of different cards and series should be uplifting in the end making cards more rare.

I made it to champ 3 for the first time with level 4 cards which is also really new and surprising to me, but I really feel like the game can have a lot in store for us. Many new accounts playing will eventually pay off right?

Whole issue is level 1 accounts are playing in Diamond league and few may be in champs league too.
In earlier days (or may be even now) DEC payment is close to zero in novice and Bronze leagues which was generally dominated by level 1 players.
Rewards distribution is screwed now as level 1 accounts getting best ROI.

Kind of weird though. It is weird to see that I just played to a level 1 account in champ 3. How did this person get there then with those cards?

May be that person has only 2-3 high ranking summoners and if battle turn out other than these summoner then person uses level 1 summoner.
or may be pure genius.

I also noticed a decrease with my DEC ... the funny thing is that there are days when the gains increase and others fall. Maybe it's the update you had in the game.

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Let's see if DEC floor in collection increases DEC earnings.