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RE: Development Update | Page Speed, UI Tweaks and V2 Rollouts

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I like to see Delegations "In and out" with user name for a specific account.

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Yes that's an important feature. We've temporarily disabled it as delegation data was the primary cause of the page speed issues. We have a solution for pulling better APIs/data feeds and once we implement that, we'll bring back delegation in/out data 🙏🏽

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It would be a lot easier if we get the delegation list easily from the API but I guess it is still under development. By the way, why don't you use HiveSQL to bring that data?

We're considering HiveSQL or potentially creating our own APIs so that we can integrate other functions in the future.

I personally think we'll use HiveSQL short-term and then create our own API/database in a few months as we have more development features added that will need more complex calls. If we do go that route, we would also be able to provide APIs for other apps/users on Hive. We'll keep putting out updates about that as we consider our options

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Ya that will be awesome. If we can get a public API it will be great. And ya I agree HiveSQL can at least be a temporary option until you come up with your own API. All the best by the way for your work. Cheers!