Is Hive power losing it's importance?

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Recently I have come across many opportunities in Hive blockchain that are really interesting and I will say they are really giving good returns when it come to compare them with "curation rewards" of Hive power.

1. Dcity

I got to read a post some days back in which a player has hust used 100 swap.hive to create a city that ranked on the the top 300 of the Dcity. Currently Dcity ranking from 200 to 300 are getting payment of .238 Hive income in addition to the SIM token income. If I calculate .238*365 = 86.87 . So it is now look minimum 86.87% returns even if you consider SIM token earning as 0.

2. Tribe curation
It is no denying fact that there are tribes (ok, I do not have exhaustive list) like LEO and CTP (I am only pursuing curation currently in these 2 tribes only) and my curation APR is greater than 30%. I think this type of APR is somewhat impossible in your Hive curation. Currently my Hive curation APR is below 11% as compared to more than 30% on those tribes.

My holding in these tribes is less (tribe token changed to equivalent hive) as compared to my hive power but look like I am making more in curation of tribe though.


3. Unstaking opportunities.
Hive power is locked for 13 week if you want to do complete powerdown but I think most of tribe has max of 4 week unstaking period so you can get your holding back soon then you Hive. Should I still lock my money in Hive power.

4. Growth opportunities
Since tribe are much smaller than Hive so they have more potential to show greater % growth than Hive appreciating the value of token considerably.


5. Trading opportunities
If you have liquid Hive you can engage in trade that can bring profit. Hive power is your locked invesrment and require considerable time to unlock.

Now does it really mean that you can ignore Hive power Completely?
I still think Hive is like a big ship and tribes/games are like small ships and owning a big ship will never going to disappoint you. But from income perspective it is also important that you should maintain the balance between the two and adjust your goals accordingly.

Though I am ardent supporter and sponsor of the Hive power up day movement but I will not deny it is time that you need to have balance in both and cannot ignore the other aspects.

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I would compare it to BTC-Altcoins... In our case, we have a HIVE, which is a relatively stable coin that is the "root coin", and all the other tokens, which are like altcoins... They COULD popup and be better than Hive, but also, they can go to zero if developers abandon the project... It has happened with a lot of tokens, so it's not impossible to any...

So, we have a "slow" Hive and on the other side "faster earning" tokens on the other side, but riskier... Which one to choose? I would suggest everyone mix these opportunities and don't put all the eggs in one basket... it's corny sayings, but it's very true...

Thanks for the awesome post!

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I like it's comparison with BTC and altcoin. Not all altcoins are good and everything needs a carefully done research.

I've been putting a lot in HP recently... uh oh! haha

Nice. I will also like to increase HP to Dolphin level at least.

lets hope that telokandapower and KANDA with its Newdex Telos eosio lostong become one of the more valuable hive engine scot rokens thanks to its tipit twitter promotions, and the new dunnel for burning kanda to get your tweets upcoted or prokoted by telokanda discord
... we hope to even create the kandabots and telokanda system other disxords can rent out for kanda so they can use telokanda on every disxord 100Million to 1 billion potential users maybe 10 million tk 50 million constant active users and a Lot of hive engine KANDA ....and on telos tipit another race for twitter users is under way using the eosio side of eosio kanda works well with tipit and twitter telegram.... hive engine kanda works well with discord and their bot infrastruxture (coming ro telegram roo) but yeah we have the best of two worlds and have even added eos

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Tribes really have future. I wish luck and success to telokanda. In fact Hive itself has yet to tap much larger userbase and I guess tribes can help Hive too.

My personal view is that the wealth creation on Hive will be greater outside the Hive token. We are going to see a ton of value created in tribes, games and different communities.

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I think we are in same page.

As you put it yourself, there are several ways to earn here on HIVE blockchain and I don't believe that HIVE is diminishing its importance. It is healthy for us to diversify our investments so that the risk is always lower and I hope that the price of HIVE can appreciate over time as well as other tokens.

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I don't believe that HIVE is diminishing its importance.

Not Hive, I am focused on "financial aspects" of locking your Hive.
Just trying to analyse how "Hive power" fare against other lucrative opportunities.

You have some good points and this is just my opinion. I think we should be building multiple tokens all at the same time. Hive is the base of everything for the most part so I think HP is important but also the ability to use Hive for some of the dapps is important. There are and will be more great tokens to consider the same thing though. You need to stake and build liquid spendable tokens in these side chains, they seem to be easier to acquire then Hive and while they don't have the value of Hive there are some that have the potential to surpass Hive.

I guess I will really pen my thoughts on importance of HP too. Sometime I keep debating myself with pros and cons of each aspect.

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Delegating you HP to someone works well as a trade if you need access to liquid currency and know a community member looking to power up.

Good read, insightful but I disagree with the HP loosing value because individuals like to have influence on social media and that will never change,.

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HP loosing value

look like "loosing value" is somewhat not the right word that I picked. Maybe putting in way like "financial returns" of HP does not sound too great when compared to other opportunities in Hive only.

But leaving aside the analysis on pure financial part, HP has many "intangible " benefits and motivational value that cannot be overlooked. I already mentioned that I am "supporter and sponsor of the Hive power up day movement."

great to hear, me and @darkflame actually had a irl debate about this tonight which is nice and rare for hive.

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